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How much for a new motor

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  • How much for a new motor

    Hey guys just had some bad news about Stubby got a blown head gasket and think the rings are shot burning lots of oil good news is the Mrs said I cant spend 40 k on a new fourby but I can budget for around 10k on the the paj so how much for a reco motor and were from someone not dodgey in Vic and maby strap a little blower on it to if funds permit any help thanks or would I be better converting to a Deisel anyone done that thanks

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    I think from memory you can get a rebuild done for arond the 4k mark, without the cost of removing and reinstalling the engine being included in that figure.

    A couple years ago when the 3L sohc blew the head in my old shortie, I got an exchange engine and was going to have a crack at installing myself but ended up getting a mechanic to install.

    Paid around 2400 for exchange pajero engine (apparently low kms but who knows), and 1200 to have it installed. Engine ran well whilst I had it, definitely alot better than the old tired one it originally had, sold the car a couple years later.

    The thing with the exchange engine your not completely aware of its condition where as with a rebuild you would expect it to run for a lot of kms before needing major work done again.
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      Esky's mechanical repairs 0438062033 think he recently quoted me around $3 to $4k for the whole job remove and refit...

      or North vic engines not sure what they'd charge but used to work there as an engine reconditioner and these guys do there best to have a zero come back, built the engine in my old pajero whilst I worked there had no problems tho I did build it myself... (03) 58682 252

      I recently asked Esky as we worked together for a few years and he went out on his own as did I but for a different trade and I honestly CBF doing it myself!

      Either guys do great jobs not sure where you are situated but obviously these blokes are northern region of Vic... North Vic frieght all over Aus so no probs there and usually have change overs in stock all the time..


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        If I had $10k to spend on an engine for a Gen 2, the 3 litre wouldn't be my first choice. I would be looking long and hard about how to make the DiD fit - both physically, and within the budget.

        It can be done - just ask spiderpig. Of course, he started with a 3.5 NL, which already had the factory body lift and heftier drivetrain.

        Off the top of my head, you would need:
        • Engine with ecu & harness
        • Trans (I'd choose the auto, but manual would also be an option?)
        • Transfer
        • Rear diff
        • Body lift (actually not hard on a Gen 2)
        • Fabrication skillz - that would be my biggest problem, as I don't have much in this department...

        Be prepared to need customised drive shafts front and rear...

        OK - so I've made it sound like a nightmare... Done properly, the result would be an awesome Pajero.
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          3ltr around $4k-$5k for a full rebuild or reco replacement, add a few hundred to a thousand more for the 3.5ltr. Those are the highest prices I've seen though.

          Drinking oil and head gasket go hand in hand, may just get away with just the top end rebuild.
          The paj I did a reco on the heads for the other day smashed through a few litres of oil in 20kms and was smoking out the back like an old locomotive. Took the heads off to find the head gasket had blown in two spots and one cyl gunked up with oil.
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            My HM Gem was $3500 without fitment or other things that you want to replace while the engine is out. I replaced the clutch also.

            AC Delco do a remanufactured Pajero 6G72 as well. They have a standard replacement parts list (i.e. list of parts they replace with new ones), rather than leaving it up to the technician to decide what to replace (as is how HM Gem is done). I think this would give better quality control.

            Apparently you can still get brand new engines through Mitsubishi. This would be a good starting point as it would be the highest quality option.

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              +1 for stripping the heads to see what's wrong! This can save you $$$

              MQ Triton GLX+ dual cab ute, EGR canopy, roof vent, tubliner and towbar. 6 speed manual, almost stock

              Treg 1.5T Offroad Trailer with Polyblock Hitch, genuine Pajero wheels, 2x spares, Cooper 31" ATRs, four jerry can holders, tie down rails and soon to come tonneau cover


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                Just came across this



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                  I had my local mechanic here in Vic do a full top and bottom end rebuild on my 3lt. Included engine removal and re-install, head pressure test and decking and a new crank. Drive in, drive out for $3100. It pays to shop around, not just for the best price, but also for their reputation.


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                    Thanks for the help guys will get the mechanic to pop the heads off first am looking at worst case a new motor he told me it was around 3k just to do the heads if needed so will go the hole hog if that's the case need something reliable left over coin can go to a set of extractors and 2 1/4in sports exhaust mmmmm and maybe a front diff lock tell the Mrs I need it to make it run better


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                      theres a rebuilt engine on there for $ 1350 in adelaide ad id 1031660275



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