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electrical problem

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  • electrical problem

    had the paj cutting out on me while driving and the taco jumping around. thought it was the distributor so i replaced it but today after i fitted the gq coils, i took the paj down the freeway and it died and was very very hard to get started again.

    when the paj starts to play up the temp gauge seems like it is loosing power and flickering when the engine is reving.

    sound like could be a loose connection somewhere.

    really annoying as i was really looking forward to taking it off road next weekend, but its to unreliable at the moment, unless i can nut this out through the week.

    any one had this similar problem before???

    '93 NH 3Ltr V6 MAN, petrol\lpg, 31 ATs

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    check the plug running into the coil is all okay, mine did that once and i had to re do the wiring there, so far so good
    If I agreed with you, then we would both be wrong

    '89 NG Paj, 3L V6, now running 2" suspension lift, 33" Micky T Baja Claws's, Front LOKKA & 12,000lb winch


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      be much easier if it was dead.

      meter /test light ecu power.

      use that to know what direction to go...



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        ill check thoes thinng tomorrow, already spent a bit of time on the paj 2day. id imagine if you did a google search i could find a ecu diagram to check for power
        '93 NH 3Ltr V6 MAN, petrol\lpg, 31 ATs


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          dodgy main fuse?


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            Main earth from engine mount to body , that can cause all sorts of hassles


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              Another thing to check is the charging voltage from the alternator. A dodgy alternator/regulator can play havoc with electrics.
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                at the battery when car is running i am getting 15.7v, i have been reading that this is bad, but can not find out if this is the cause of the temp gauge droping down and engine cutting in and out. also the plug that goes into the alternator, is that just the battery light for the dash.

                could my problem be due to this over voltage??

                the paj runs really well for the first 5 - 10 mins, then it starts playing up.
                '93 NH 3Ltr V6 MAN, petrol\lpg, 31 ATs


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                  What was the last job you did to the Car?

                  The problem may lie somewhere there forgot an Earth wire!
                  Dirty contact, in a Plug conector Etc.

                  15.7 volt is way to High! 14.7 is as High as it should go! Maybe alternator is stuffed as the Alternator has the regulator built in.

                  Question does it cut out at night or with Lights on!
                  How long does it cut out for?



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                    last work was a snorkel but i cant see that having anyh effect, it cuts out thru the day, no lights on, the first day it started cutting, i pulled over before it died and just let it idle for a bit and i turned it off, after start up the cutting out problem was still there and i kept driving home.

                    second time i drove it, it was running for about 10 mins before it started cutting out doing 100ks on eastern and it compleatly died, so i pulled over and could not restart it for about 10 - 15 mins and i was constantly trying to start it the whole time, and for no reason(i didnt do anything or change anything) it just started and i drove it home, no problems.

                    very strange,

                    just before i have the taco cutting out and the engine shutting down, the temp gauge starts flickering down, like its having power drained from the tempgauge.

                    All other gauges are fine and working, just the taco and temp gauge.
                    '93 NH 3Ltr V6 MAN, petrol\lpg, 31 ATs


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                      15.7v will play havoc champ. The regulator is obviously buggered and don't be surprised if it doesn't spike much higher then that during driving use.

                      I would at this point not drive it before you fry something that's voltage sensitive

                      Grab a hold of a second hand alternator and see if a more regulated voltage stops the mishaps. Bogger is your best at getring a hold of one asap.
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                        put the plug in the back of the alternator and the voltage has dropped back to 14.3v, ill have to take it for a drive tomorrow and see if im still having the temp gauge and cut out problem still
                        '93 NH 3Ltr V6 MAN, petrol\lpg, 31 ATs


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                          Last job I buggered up wasn't noticed until weeks after I done me timing belt and water pump.

                          I noticed the opposite to you! Volt gauge dropping low battery charge! 12.5 12.7 and temp gauge souring! especially after turning lights on.

                          I gave up got NRMA Out new battery, same problem! took it back new alternator same problem.

                          Sacked NRMA look at it meself again.

                          Traced my Earths back and had left the A/C to A/C mount Earth off!
                          Re installed, No problem since.

                          So stands to reason your Temp is dropping on the gauge with a over volt situation.

                          Personally if I was to drive your car turn all electrics on to keep the over volt supply down to hopfully minimise ECU burn out.

                          Also your Battery will be boiling Dry keep an Eye on the water level.



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                            that ac earth mount, where abouts it that?? the timming cover has been off to check for oil leaks, i must look there tomorow.

                            the earth strap runs from the battery - body - AC - motor is that right??
                            '93 NH 3Ltr V6 MAN, petrol\lpg, 31 ATs


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                              Earth strap is under the A/C compressor and bolts back on to the A/C engine mounting bracket.

                              Feel around for the loose wire you can't see it.
                              There is also the battery Earth nearby but that i think bolts back to the Body! the A/C bolts back to A/C engine Mount.

                              Think there is 3 Earth straps in total on the paj take them all off clean and re install.



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