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cleaning engine bay

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  • cleaning engine bay

    engine bay got a bit muddy today, was wondering if there where any tips on cleaning it??, like where not to spray water. before i went out i gave all electrical bits a hit with some silicone spray and heaps of other stuff a squirt too. just dont want to spray water every where and damage something??

    pajero went really good today, it really suprized me up muddy hills where the crusier and hilux made it up after there 10th+ times up. and the paj climed it in the 1st go. I must have been giving it a bit more stick

    Thanks guys
    '93 NH 3Ltr V6 MAN, petrol\lpg, 31 ATs

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    Just try not to spray the dizzy or around the fuse box to hard with the hose. As per normal just don't spray harness connectors directly and everything else if fine.
    Definitely don't pressure wash the top of the engine, you're al.ost gaurenteed to get water where it shouldn't be.

    P.s also spray the rad and condensor out or mud will dry up and block it up and you'll end up having to take the rad out to thoroughly clean it.
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      Don't do what i did and let the pressure cleaner get away from you and spray the radiator.......ummmmm dissapointimg result.

      91 NH Dual Fuel 3ltr V6 Auto GLS Tri Pack with rear locker, 3" Lift, 33" Federal M/T, 100w 9" spotties & 3 stubby holders.


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        As above, plus hoseing into the back of the alternator. Can lead to alternator failure in a couple of weeks.
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