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Built in mobile phone holder?

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  • Built in mobile phone holder?

    I know it is not the right place for it, neither for the posting, nor the phone, but I thought I share my findings anyway:
    After trying various mounts for my phones I was never really satisfied with them, especially the fact that most of tend to vibrated quite a lot when my diesel is idling.
    More or less by accident I realised that right in front of the steering wheel is a perfect place for it.
    Ok, the fuel and water temp gauges are covered but so far all my phones perfectly fitted into that small space and they stay in place even during off road use (not counting my last jump in quarry though ).
    Works fine with the BT connection and since we are no longer allowed to use our hands on them, voice control is no issues either - at least much better comapred to the phone mounted on the windscreen.
    Never had any trouble with my temps and I know how far I get on a single tank, so for short trips I think I finally found the right place for my damn phone
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    I was able to wedge my phone side on into the dash top instrument cluster I fitted up to the original PA challenger dash, (the one out of the Triton)
    And am now able to do the same with the trip computer section of the NW Pajero dash...

    I also haven't found something I like, and am avoiding screwing anything into plastic anywhere. Ive already got a smallish gps suction capped to the windscreen and I feel even that is more than I like up there.


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      I've had mine there on a few occasions where I was using the gps on the phone and needed clear view of it. This was an iphone4 and it overheated within around 15mins and battery saver feature kicked in and I ended up having to turn the phone off for 20mins before it disappeared and I could turn gps back on
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        I have put my Galaxy s2 in there on a few ocasions. :P
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          This is the best mount I have ever used....

          Green sticky pad works fantastic.. Phone has never fallen off
          The mount is 'short' - so bugger all vibration
          Can mount in heaps of different locations


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            Never really trusted them for track use, after all the stuff stuck to it costs a few hundred bucks.
            But if you say they are that good I might think of it for my projects
            '94 2.8TD, 2" lift, low mount winch, bullbar, roofrack, UHF, custom drawers, HID spotties, cam, GPS....
            Password for all my files: downunder


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              I am sure that a $200 NASA engineered mount would be better / stronger - but we have these in both our vehicles and never had a problem with either. We have only used them for Phones ( Iphone and Galaxy S3) - so not sure how they would handle something like the weight of an ipad etc....


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                Originally posted by Downunder35m View Post
                since we are no longer allowed to use our hands on them,
                True, but I'm pretty sure that the phone has to actually either be in a cradle, or hidden in a console/glovebox... I don't think having it sitting in front of the cluster would do.

                I actually got fined a couple of years ago for having my phone on speaker while it was sitting on the passenger seat


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                  Solid phone mount

                  This is what I use as I was fed up with cheap creaky plastic junk!

                  Unfortunately they only make them for Samsung galaxy S3, S4 and iPhone 4 onward and you need the case to match the holder, but it is rock solid (metal) and easy to use!

                  They also have some other interesting mount solutions for the phones above and ipads.


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