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Help with tuning a 4m40

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  • Help with tuning a 4m40


    I notice my 2.8td smokes under acceleration but at a constant speed it's fine. When mates drive behind me they tell me they see black smoke either when I am changing gear or when I am accelerating. This tells me it's running a bit rich. How easy is it to adjust the air / fuel mixture? Could it be a timing problem?

    I'd like to try a few things before I change injectors etc. so that I can iron out any issues before spending dollars without needing to.

    Fuel consumption seems to be around 12l/100 but as I spend some time on the tracks and haven't done a full tank on the open road I'm not sure if this is reasonable or not.

    I'm fairly handy in the shed but this is my first diesel so it's all new to me.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    2011 NT 3.2, ARB bar, UHF, roof bars, dual battery, Lovells / Bilstein 2" lift, 12000lb winch

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    LOL, every week another 4m40 thread...
    Just check one of the previous ones or search in my threads for the tuning tutorial.
    '94 2.8TD, 2" lift, low mount winch, bullbar, roofrack, UHF, custom drawers, HID spotties, cam, GPS....
    Password for all my files: downunder


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