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31inch? 31.5? 32? bigger?

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  • 31inch? 31.5? 32? bigger?

    gday all...

    new to the last of the "fun" paj's ... seriously.... excluding the "mine are bigger than yours" comp ... is there going to be much of a difference between swappin my roadies for 31 inch muddies vs 31.5 and 32's?

    the current right is about 300+ on the clock... fuel consumption doest really worry me, but dont see the need to over compensate for the sake of it ...

    brand new, it seems i can buy the 31" and the 32" for about the same money, but 31.5' blows right out addin nearly $100 per wheel!

    the rig is a 92 nh gls lwb, with the gq lift etc ... 15" rims ...

    any feedback/experience appreciated cos im needing new shoes asap and really am struggling with whats going to be the best option with the older models...

    1992 NH 3.0 Manual
    few months old, Tough Dog shocks, GQ Coils in the rear, Torsion Bar wound, Maxxis bighorn 32" 764....
    Sales Manager Sydney City Mitsubishi
    Member of Triple Diamond 4WDClub NSW

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    33's haha

    If you can get 32's for the same price as 31's I think that is your best bet (better clearance).
    When I moved up to a (roughly) 32 inch tyre I could not tell the difference between the old 31's in terms of economy and gearing. With the jump to 33's the difference is more noticeable but isn't massive either.
    1997 NK - Quad cam goodness turning 33 Duratrac's and 4.9 diffs, 2inch lift, steel front/sides/rear, front locker and a winch

    Now pending: Nothing


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      33 is the minimum size these days imo. Anything less and your dragging your diff on the ruts left by the bigger boys.
      1993 NJ LWB: UHF, bull bar, 2" Iron man coils/T-bars, 30mm coil spacers, 35mm body lift, long travel RS5000s, Cranked T-bars, lokka, 35x12.5 GoodYear MTR, light force 170s, Duel battery with selectable volt meter, roof basket, 9.5" rear diff - more to come!


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        33's and a 2" lift - different car now. Definitely the way to go ....
        2011 NT 3.2, ARB bar, UHF, roof bars, dual battery, Lovells / Bilstein 2" lift, 12000lb winch


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