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Injector problems Petrol

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  • Injector problems Petrol

    93 model 3.0 v6 Pajero. Having an issue with #1 and #2 , front left and front right injectors not squirting. Have moved these injectors to different positions on rail and both work ok. Have also blown compessed air through fuel rail incase joining link was blocked. Has anybody had similar problems? Is it likely to be a harness problem or is there a relay that controls various banks of injectors? Thx in advance.

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    I have heard of harness issues before.
    Set multimeter to continuity or 2000ohm and connect black to the black wire terminal on rail harness plug(this is common earth), then check resistance on the 6x other terminals. If you get a few that are way out from the others then remove intake plenum and check the solenoid resistance (I.e directly at the injector with harness unplugged).
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      Thanks will try that. Already have inlet plenum removed and injector rail out.


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