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Wobbly mirror fixed - and free!

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  • Wobbly mirror fixed - and free!

    My passenger wing mirror was driving me nuts flopping about. I couldn't come at spending $80 for a new one, so I put up with it for ages.

    It dawned on me when I was under the house - FOAM RUBBER.

    I had some high density foam from a case I used to have, it's like the stuff you get with pro camera cases and musical equipment that is segmented so you can break it up easily, and I stuffed pieces about 30-40 mm long behind the mirror. Wobble is gone, and mirror still adjusts.

    Try it. Works a treat.
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    Not a bad idea at all.

    Both of my electric mirrors were wobbly and didn't adjust up/down but had some movement left and right. After taking them apart I learned that the previous owner used a long wood screw to "fix" the plastic lug that had broken at the bottom used to hold the whole thing in place. That fix saw the screw penetrate through to the gearing jamming it and the mirror still wobbled!

    My fix came via a Bogger replacement for both mirrors.
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      Not sure if yours will be the same as mine but my mirrors were wobbly when I bought the car.

      On the underside of the wing mirrors there's a small hole in the plastic, through which you can fit a Phillips screwdriver to re tighten the screw that holds the mirrors in place

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        on the plastic motor case there are a couple of "loops" which locate over a little metal hook on the frame. The bottom screw, when tight, pulls the plastic frame down on the hooks and the hook stops the loop pulling away and thus wobble free.

        chances are your mirror is wobbling because one or more of the loops has broken. All that remains holding your mirror in place is maybe the other hook and loop (but probably not for long) and the bottom screw. The bottom screw gets loose over time. Today I just pulled mine apart to re-seat the mirror on the hooks because the screw came loose and corrugations vibrated a loop off the hook.

        a simple fix is cut a small aluminium tab with a hole for the loop, then glue and screw it onto the plastic.
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          On the subject of side mirrors. My glass within the frame is firm but the whole item has forward/backward play in the hinge pin itself. Same amount of play whether folded in or out. Moves no more than maybe an inch but enuff to distort image. Anyone have a fix for this issue pls. And thanks for the tip on the screw hole. Never knew it was there.
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            When I had my NH I had the same problem with the mirror. As well as the loops that hold the mirror on the screw that holds it together in the bottom side had brocken the plastic thread it screws into. I took the mirror out and siliconed it to the backing plate so instead of the loops holding it to the backing plate it was siliconed to the backing plate. No more wobbles the rest of the time I owned it.

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