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probs starting when cool

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  • probs starting when cool

    Hi all im having some probs with my paj not staring when the temp outside is cool eg 15c. It started of buy leaving work at 6am car started fine when I went to drive of would almost stall (Auto) Btw did this for almost a week then it was taking 2 attempts to start first go it would almost start 2nd time it would and then one morning 1st go didnt start sounded like it wanted to then on the 2nd go nothing would turn over fine just not fire after about 15mins of turning over checking fuses cables ect it started and it would run and start fine for the rest of the day and on one day going to work at 5am an hour for it to start. But on days of the car would sit all night go out about 8 8:30 to take kids to school and she would start fine. But today it started something else while driving I turned a corner and it almost stalled and going up a hill it would what felt like losing power had to take foot off the accelerator and ease it back on this is something new
    94 NJ 3.0 v6 petrol auto .

    Thanks Anthony

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    Possibly the fuel pump. You should be able to hear it running through an open tank filler with ignition off and battery voltage direct to the check connector in the engine bay.

    If that passes I'd next question the fuel filter.
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      Hi thx for the reply pretty sure its the fuel pump it didn't want to start this morning. Read a thread on here last night about fuel pump pros and bashing the tank can sometimes help so tried that nothing at first so removed the cover to access it and while i got the wife to start the car i could not hear the pump going gave it a tap and away she went. Got a new one from super cheap 2day $109 now just to install it removing the fuel line hose is giving me probs trying not to snap off the steel pipe


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        Definately sounds like fuel pump mate.
        Had a similar issue with ny NK 3ltr, hard to start first thing cold in the morning but starting in the arvo was not a problem, even if I left it for a day or two.
        In the cold mornings it would crank and sometimes splutter or wouldn't even start, few tries later would kick over steadily then come good after a minute or so. Replaced pump and filter and haven't had any issue since.
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          Did u have any probs removing the fule line ive gotten it lose but the hole hose spins around when trying to undo it and gets to the point where its to tight on the hose the nut just spins back cheers


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            So i was able to finally fit the new fuel pump I ended up cutting the hose could not wait wife is about to have a baby , going down to super cheap got a new Brass hose joiner and 2 clamps got the old pump out fitted the new one back in the tank. about 40mins work No leaks and paj starts and runs like it a Dream. Note when i removed the old one, when i unplugged the power cables from the pump it self i did find a lot of crap inside the plug. the new one came with a new plug placed it on the old pump and to the battery and went fine cleaned out the old plug with some wd40 and a blast of air cleaned right up so it might pay to check the plug first before buying a new pump, so keeping the old one for now a 12v pump could come in handy for something else Thanks for the help guys


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