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Super Select Lights Flashing after diff replaced & lokka added

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  • Super Select Lights Flashing after diff replaced & lokka added

    My paj has the usual front 4wd lights flash issue. Happens randomly while driving. When the lights flash the car pulls to the right and you have to counter steer to get it straight. I have a front lokka fitted.

    My theory is that the front cv is engaging and in doing so engages the front diff lock and puts load on the steering.

    The biggest issue is that it's intermittent and unpredictable. Any thoughts?
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    Just thought I'd add, the lights have only started flashing after I had the front diff replaced with a bigger 7inch one to fit the front lokka.

    The Ratio's match so there is no concern with windup.


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      My opinion for what it's worth is that if you fit a auto locker of any type to the front end of a superselect Paj, you should fit free wheeling hubs at the same time.
      That way if something goes wrong with the superselect system at least there is no chance of the auto locker doing what it does and causing poor steering problems.

      In some cases auto lockers are actually auto "unlockers" so they essentially stay locked until you go around a corner and one side goes into freewheel mode to allow different radius'' (radieye) for each wheel
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        I think you mean the bigger 8" over the 7.25"

        Sounds like the hoses might be buggered and there's an air leak somewhere.
        If it stays in 4wd fine without any issue then I would be looking at checking all the hoses over incase one cracked/split when they were removed.

        When you get flashing lights how long does it stay like that for roughly?
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          Hi Pauly,

          Yes you are correct, I had the 8" diff fitted sorry.

          It stays in 4wd fine when I'm offroading. I will double check all the hoses to the diff in case something was damaged in the swap.

          The flashing lights stay for approximately 2mins then turn off. It will come on when I'm approaching a bit more speed - say 70-80kph.


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            Agreed with above. Check hoses/solenoids and most importantly free wheeling hubs are a necessity imo. You wouldn't want your missus driving it and it to lock unexpectedly in a high speed corner.
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              Vacuum canister mite have tiny rust pin holes too, have seen that once before.


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                The "worse at speed" suggests to me it's a leaking vacuum issue - at light load with (presumably) high vacuum, it all works OK. As load (i.e. speed) increases, manifold vacuum would decrease. At some point, if the vacuum in the actuator drops because the manifold can't suck enough to keep up with the leak, spring pressure will overcome the vacuum, and the actuator will default to "engaged".

                I'm not entirely sure why it would want to pull to the right - I would've thought it would want to pull straight i.e. NOT turn. Unless you unconsciously steer right to counteract a subtle pull left, then the diff suddenly unlocks?
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