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  • Sunroof

    Got a few questions regarding sunroof repairs..

    Have been reading through the threads on here about sunroofs and pulled mine out last week.

    So it leaked water and didn't move but you could hear the motor trying to slide the glass.

    Once I got it out I was able to clean the rust up and give it a coat of paint. the seal was ok and the one part where the rust was the worst I had to just silicone the seal back in place.

    I also cleaned the drains and slides up and sprayed lube on the cables but they will not fully open. it will only open about 100 to 200mm.
    some guys talked about replacing some black pipe but I'm not too sure what this is.

    Who can give me some tips on this area. some pictures would be good.


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    I have had exactly the same issue. wouldn't open, wouldn't close. would only move 1-200 mm. leaked like a sieve. sealed it shut. too much hassle and too hard to find a non rusty one that works . and too expensive.


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      Yep sealed mine shut.
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        This was my thread on sunroof repairs

        The important thing is to seal the gap between the glass and the rubber moulding that is fitted around the glass. Thats where the water gets in and causes rust. (You'll never stop water getting in between the moulding and the body of the roof so don't bother trying unless you just seal it up completely.)

        Regarding the sliders. The originals are hard plastic that seem to crack and expand over time and jam in the runners. I tried cleaning and regreasing them but it doesnt work. My solution was to ditch the original plastic sliders and replace them with black poly pipe. Black poly pipe is simply the common stuff thats used in garden dripper watering systems. All you need to do is cut about a 1 cm piece of black poly pipe and fit it around the metal 'tab' that the original slider was attached to. (The pipe is roughly 12 mm diameter I think). Then you need to get a piece of slightly larger diameter poly pipe (about 2cm diameter I think) and fit it around the smaller piece of poly pipe. Together the two rings of poly pipe make a nice snug slider that won't jam. I did this nearly 3 years ago and the sunroof still works perfectly.

        Failing being able to get poly pipe, a 1cm piece of ordinary garden hose might even do the trick.

        (You may note in my thread that I used Fullaprene, not silicone, to repair the frame, and to seal between the glass and the rubber moulding. Fullaprene is great stuff. It sets hard, like rubber, and you can kind of 'shape' it while its still soft. So it was ideal to rebuild my very badly rusted frame. And, unlike silicon, you can paint it, so once it was painted the repair was almost invisible.)
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          Thanks for the reply's guys and the link but I tried to move the roof with the glass out and it still only moves a bit.
          So that rules out the front sliders I guess.

          Even tried to give it a hand and push it back while trying to open it but still no luck

          It really looks like the cables are stuck in or around the motor. anyone got some pictures of the motor area.



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            Also now I can see how it works it looks like the roof is meant to lift up at the back near flush ( inline with the roof line )yeah ?? well mine sat lower which I don't think helped with the rust..


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              There's also a clutch on the motor that can slip. My sunroof was pretty badly seized. When I cleaned it up & lubricated the slides and cables, it was slightly better but it still jammed up in places. When it jammed, I noticed that the motor was still spinning (slowly). I nipped up the clutch a little and now all good.


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