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Windscreen weather strips

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  • Windscreen weather strips

    Does any one know if you can get replacement weather strips for the front windscreen? Mine are knackered.

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    Do you mean something like this ?

    I think clark rubber also do weather strips
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      There is 3 strips that clip in around the windshield,
      very similar to the doors that seal the gap.
      All the rubber has perished. I pulled them off today and hit them with a bit of paint. Would love to replace them.


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        When my windscreen was replaced they had a new single piece seal that came with it.
        If worse comes to worse and since replacing them can be tricky, did you consider cutting them out?
        Tape the paintwork with masking tape, use a very sharp knife and see that you get a nice flat cut, for damaged areas try to cut them out so you get clean rubber again.
        Now use this black ultra robust silicone to fill and a flat blade or spatula to get a nice finnish - you can now get silicone tools in the hardware store, it is piece of special rubber where silicone won't stick to, very easy for those jobs.
        If you had a very badly damage seal and maybe even some rust it is best to trat those areas frist and to use a new set of tape a bit further out to allow for a full cover of the damaged areas.
        This way we "fixed" quite a few front and rear windows, especially if a proper replacement was too costly, in one example the car had cost 500 bucks and the new seal would have been 190$ genuine - not worth for a few months of rego...
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          Ok just spoke to Mitsubishi they are available $113 for the top and $45 each for the sides.
          Not too bad at all so just ordered them.
          Cheers for the replys.


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