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  • Security system NJ GLS

    G'day again.
    The Pajero I have has a two-button keypad. Usually I press the left hand button to lock and unlock. My wife and daughter recently went to have a look in the new addittion, pressed the right-hand button and all hell broke loose. Suffice to say that the pajero made so much noise it put the neighbour's chooks off laying for 3 days - and that's no yolk! What is the right-hand button for?

    Second problem - the system lets out these little yelps when locking or unlocking the car Oh that's annoying!! Is there anyway I can stop this happening?

    Many thanks in advance

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    from memory on the system in my folk's NL GLS (think its an aftermarket fit, not mitsufit), the 2ndbutton was available for you to silently unlock/lock the car- you press the 2nd button and then the 1st (normal) button- car locks/unlocks withthe flashing indicators but no 'beep beep' etc.

    also if the alarm has been set off in anyway, whenyou next lock and unlock the car however many times, it gives an extra beep (or extra indicator flash if you do the silent method) to tell you that the alarm has been set off. this should then stop happening when the car is next started up.

    maybe its similar in your system?
    '99 NL Escape, Manual - Bullbar, roofrack, cargo barrier, D697LT, Tough Dogs, dual batts, rear draws, Narva 225 HID, UHF, led bar etc
    Towing: 4.8m Savage Centurion half-cab w/75hp Mariner

    '99 NL GLS SWB, Auto - Bullbar, D697LT, spotties, UHF, Koni adjustables & King springs.

    Wanted: Adventure.


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      Thanks Alex that was it. My wife and daughter are happy, I am happy and above all .... the chooks are happy.

      It seems that right hand button serves as an on/off switch for the audible signalling. Many thanks


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