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  • nk extractors

    gday all, iv'e been thinking about fitting some better performing extractors for the wagon(3.5lt), i do a fair bit of towing both around town and highway and get sick to death of all the down shifting (unbearable when its the missus driving, whats the point of having a red line if you never hit it she says!). Just wondering if anyone has a set fitted and any changes in performance, prices etc. cheers!

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    Dont have them fitted myself, but the general concenius seems to be that they are not worth the money and give very little improvement if any when only fitted by themselves.


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      I agree. I have a set on my 3.5 NL only reason for the extractors was that the price of the replacement exhaust manifold was more expensive.not much power notice, may rev. a little better through mid range.
      manifold $590.00 quoted from mitsi.( drivers side only)
      extractors $450.00 repco (everything to the cat except oxy censor thread had to cut out old one and weld in to new one.)


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        Hi Actpaj

        I found these comments on a site the other night which may interest you. I printed the details out for future use. Sorry but I'm not sure which site they came from but the guy said this :

        "Sure, glad to help. I found an exhaust guy who owns a Paj 3.5 and he had done a few systems on his own car to find what he thought was the best result.

        Strangely enough he swore that 2 1/2" was too big for a Paj unless you wanted to run at 6000 RPM all day, and that 2 1/4" gave much more usable power and torque for everyday use. We started directly behind the Y piece with a 2 1/4" cat converter then a free flow Lukey muffler roughly where the standard can sits, and finished it off with a small resonator beside the fuel tank. Sounds great with a lovely Paj burble, but doesn't get too loud for everyday driving.

        I am very impressed with the result, much more responsive, more mid range power, and best of all as I said in the earlier post a lot more torque down low (below 2000 rpm), which helps to keep the 285's turning.

        Doing other mods to engine have very limited effect."

        hope this of some use

        regards Kc


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