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2.8TDI fuel adjustment - correct EGT temp?

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  • 2.8TDI fuel adjustment - correct EGT temp?

    I have got the boost turned up to 15 psi on the 2.8, instead of the stock 11 to 12 psi.
    Noticed that the EGT temp (before the turbo) was still getting up to and over 700 deg C no problem at all. Back off th about 3/4 throttle and all OK.
    When the fuel pump was over hauled about 40,000k ago, they set it up with an extra 1/8th of turn for more fuel. (It is like the bosch rotary pump.)

    So I thought I would get the fuel turned down at the last service.
    Under load now the EGT doesn't go above 650 deg C.

    Still a fair bit of power, but does this sound about the right temp to be aiming for?

    Ended up being almost half a turn to back off the fuel.
    Seems a lot of adjustment!
    John C AKA oldplodder

    1996 LWB - 2.8l turbo diesel

    too many extras to list, who cares anyway,
    when they get a bit older just grateful it still goes OK.

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