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diesel into 3lt petrol?

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  • diesel into 3lt petrol?

    Hi guys,
    I'm new here but have a question re engine swaps. I'd really like a diesel Paj, early nineties (all my budget will allow) but they seem very scarce.

    What are the problems with getting a petrol 3lt vehicle (as they are in resonable supply and cheap) and dropping a diesel in. (probably a Jap import)

    Questions -
    Can a diesel bolt onto a 3lt gearbox for instance or will I require both engine and box? (I understand that diesels only seem to come with manual box)
    What about the transfer case, will it be alright?

    I know the engine mounts will probably need adjusting or new ones welded in as have a similar swap years ago to an early ToJo.

    Thanks in advance. There seems to be some amazing advice on this forum.


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    As far as i know, the gear box's are the same but the bell housing and input shaft will most likely be different. On the NJ onwards with the 3.5 or 2.8 it was like this, same gearbox, diff input shaft and bellhousing. Maybe some help to you?


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      The clutch assembly was different between the Petrol and the Diesel too..

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      Soon to be Ex- 2002 NM Exceed 3.2DiD, Lifted, PSI Powerbox, Bullbar, HID Driving Lights.


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