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Rust dots on the chassis after beach driving

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  • Rust dots on the chassis after beach driving

    Hey guys,

    I did some beach driving at the Cape, and i cleaned the chassis with freshwater when back, maybe 1 week after the beach driving.

    I just noticed i have rust spots on the whole chassis frame now. Not too sure if thats because of the beach or because of all the creeks crossings from the OTT.

    What would be the best to do, scrub all this with a metal brush, then spray it with this "lanolin" stuff i heard about, or rust neutralizer, or paint it ?

    I wanted to have your insight on this, please tell me what you think i should do


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    One week to let the salt do its job, should be sufficient for some rust on unprotected metal....
    Get some phosphoric acid and a sponge or spray bottle - whatever you prefer.
    Soak the rusty parts with the acid, the rust turns black after a while.
    You will see white areas where the acid dreis off faster, if you don't like that you can hose all down and re-apply the acid.
    Once all rust is converted use a pressure cleaner for a final rinse, preferable those hot ones from the car wash.
    Now can either leave it or coat it in pink paint.
    No wait, undercaot is black, sorry...
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      1 week after the beach driving
      That's the prob ........................ it's had a week to do it's work nasty stuff that salt


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        I'd be inclined to do what Downunder suggested - spray with rust converter (phosphoric acid), then wash down. After that I'd give it a really good go with Lanotec. You'd be better off buying a 5lt. container and putting it in a spray bottle yourself - too expensive to buy in the spray bottle to start with. I'd also keep an eye on it from time to time to make sure no nasty little pockets or rusts get going under there. Rust has a nasty habit of starting up in the crevices where you can't see it, so put plenty of Lanotec in places that overlap etc.

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