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Roof racks on a SWB NH

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  • Roof racks on a SWB NH

    The SWB NH we just bought has one rack at the front, (looks like a rola on track pop riveted), but has nothing at the back.
    We are looking at putting a rack and basket system on.
    Anyone had experience if I just get another rola for the back, is this suitable, or do I need to do as all the shops are saying go for a complete RHINO system
    Thanks C

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    I used to own an NH SWB myself, fitted with Thule roofracks which clipped into the door frame and rear window margin. They were not upto the task of carrying a loaded basket offroad (failed during a Simpson crossing). I sort of solved the problem by adding a 3rd bar, IE 1 at the door margin and 2 in the rear glass margin and bolting it solid to connect the bars. Unfortunately the gutterless design of these cars limit there roofrack fitment. If you plan to have a decent load up top and go offroad, buy the very best roofrack you can find. The track mount systems are pretty good these days as long as they rivit the track mount into a strong area of the roof where the roof and side panels are welded together. One where they simply rivit onto a roof panel only (say 0.8~1.0mm) is asking for trouble in my opinion.
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      Roof racks on a swb nh

      Hi i have a SWB NH with what i can only assume are factory roof rails that run from the front to the rear of the roof & they bolt through the roof in the gutters & then have tubular cross bars on them, they are contoured to the roof shape but i have never seen another one like it any where, i have just mounted an alloy roof basket & it is as strong as, you could try looking around wreckers for these "factory"? roof rails. Stu.


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