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Spark Plug Tube Seals

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  • Spark Plug Tube Seals

    Hi to all,
    I have just had LPG installed on my NL Exceed.
    When I picked up the car after the conversion, I was told I couldn't use the gas because I would need to have the spark-plud tube seals replaced as oil was leaking into them.

    Could someone please tell me how much that is likely to cost me and any recommended Pajero mechanics who would do the job?

    I live in the eastern suburbs - in the Knox area.

    Thank you.

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    parts wise, nothing - from mitsy i would guess about $100buks for both sides, and aftermarket maybe $50buks for the two.

    Thats the good news, theres a fair amount of labour in removing the manifold, then rocker covers to get to it all - maybe 2hours total or something @ $60 an hour. By the sounds of it you replaced your plugs at the same time then? If not now would be a good time to do it.


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