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  • Window surrounds

    First Post

    I've had my paj for almost 8months and love it to bits.

    Whats the best/cheapest way to fix/replace the window surrounds?

    I see lots around with the same rusty problem, i tried taking the frount ones off and repainting them. Looks ok, but not the best. This photo is before i tried it.


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    Hi Tom,
    Thats a beaut pic of your paj, mine is same as yours.I'm wounering
    if the surrounds can be powder coated maybe ??.
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      I was thinking of trying that, as the ones on the frount window have a small lip on the sides of them,


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        My NH has done the same thing. It feels like a fabric material that's gone hard a brittle and is slowly peeling off??!!

        Did you have any luck with a solution???

        The weather strips have done the same thing on the side too. I'll find out what they're worth genuine.

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          How about just re-painting them with a spray can.

          give it a light sand, Musk it up and put some Newspaper on the side incase of overspray then give it a nice few coats. You can always buy a small can of those Touch Auto paints to give it that longer and Durable last instead of those cheaper spray paints.
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