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  • Wheel patterns

    I am looking at getting a spare set of wheels and off-road tyres for my NJ. Could anyone help me with the stud patterns? I see lots of ads saying will fit any 6 bolt pattern 4x4 and other indicating they will only fit toyota etc. I wold like to get sunraysias if I could. So is there a generic 6 bolt stud pattern or are the major 4x4s all different?

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    Sunraysia stud patterns are generic for most popular 4wd's, but what you need to look at is the offset of the rim. Try around -13.
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      Thanks Pickle
      Is there a list somewhere of what rims would fit my NJ? For instance do the steel wheels of the series 1 paj fit mine? Maybe I'm not quite understanding offset. I think it is the amount of "dish" in the rim, yeah?


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        have a look here for description and how to measure offset
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          you can successfully use series 1 rims on a series 2 Pajero. The offset is different, but only by about 12mm from memory. I used 16X6 NF Pajero rims on my NL for about 5 years.
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