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NJ 6G72 High Fuel Consumption (Fixed Fuel Pump)

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  • NJ 6G72 High Fuel Consumption (Fixed Fuel Pump)

    I have recently been struggling with high fuel consumption in my NJ 6g72 V6, getting around 16L/100km on the highway and 18L-22L/100km around town. The vehicle would rev freely through the entire range and otherwise was running fine. I did all the usual checks, timing, replaced O2 sensor & temperature senders but to no avail.

    Recently the vehicle started getting hard to start and had to be cranked over a few seconds longer than usual. At first I suspected a bad batch of fuel, clogged fuel filter or perhaps leaking injectors. Once running the engine ran fine seeming to rule out fuel starvation. I had recently changed the crank angle sensor using an OEM part and suspected that it may be dodgy and failing.

    The other day my vehicle lost all power on the freeway and failed to proceed. I thought crank angle sensor and called RACQ, the RACQ guy whacked the fuel tank with a rubber mallet and bingo engine started..

    Problem was a failed/failing fuel pump..

    With new fuel pump installed, highway consumption is back to 12L/100km and 14L/100km towing my Jayco camper and the moter runs much nicer and has regained its nice sweet V6 burble.

    So I would suggest to any Gen2 Pajero owners having high fuel consumption issues. Check your fuel pressures and/or get a new fuel pump installed ($130 at Repco). Dont try and undo the fuel line at the tank or you risk damaging the soft copper tubing (the tank end of the line fitting on my paj was silver soldered and i stuffed the tubing completely when trying to get it undone). There is another join in the fuel line about 400mm towards the engine you should undo.. Good luck and happy motoring.

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    Hi i also have the 6g72 cyclone v6 motor in my gen1. (SWB). im getting around 7 to 8km a litre but she really strugggles to start in the mornings (fuel starvation) but once it starts its perfectly fine. I have only just bought this car?
    do you think it could possibly also have a failing pump?
    all my other fuel injected cars i have had i can normally hear the pump prime when key is turned on but this car im not hearing anything
    Sean Carritt
    91 (SWB) 3litre V6 cyclone 6g72,,, 08 Lwb 3.2 D.I.D GLS ,,,,,,, 92 swb 2800 intercooler turbo diesel


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      There is a fine mesh filter membrane over the tank fuel pump intake. If the pump hasn't failed problems may arise from this filter being substantially blocked. Although keep in mind the age of that these moving parts are pushing too. It may just be time for replacement.
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        My wife's TF MAgna had a problem of rough idle etc. It ran almost exclusively on gas, using petrol only on startup. I got the injectors cleaned professionally, and the difference was amazing. We took the car down the coast, this time using petrol. I was out passing a B double when the engine died. Dead. Oops! Switched back to gas and all was fine, so I completed the overtaking and returned home on gas.

        I took the petrol pump out and there is a filter shaped like a sock which fits to the bottom of the petrol pump. It is a fine mesh. It was choked solid with a reddish mud. I bashed the sock and washed it in petrol. It took about 6 bash and rinses before it stopped getting any mud out. Put it back in - everything fine. I guess this was an accumulation of years of operation (the car was about 14 years old at the time).

        I bought a tool from Repco to remove the fuel line from the pump. Cost about $15 from memory, but worth every cent. It allows the clip to be retracted without taking your fingers off as well.

        I then thought about my NL Pajero. It ran on gas as well, but in my case, I had fitted a relay in the power supply to the pump which isolated the pump when gas was selected. Therefore the pump didn't get used very much, so it was not as likely to be a problem.


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