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4M40 intermittent power loss

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  • 4M40 intermittent power loss

    Am sure this topic is new- not! I have an NJ with 365km on clock. It was getting very smokey, so I had the injectors serviced. That got rid of the smoke but the mechanic noted that there was a small leak from the injector pump when he was doing the service. Within a week the pump was gushing diesel. The mechanic organised a recon of my pump thru one of the larger well known shops in Adelaide. The car ran well for a week or so and then started losing power, the boost gauge shows boost but there is no power to go with it, for example a moderate hill I would drive up in 4th becomes a 2nd gear job. This may only happen once a week. Suss old hoses that could be sucking in air have been changed, fuel filter changed, pickup in fuel tank has been removed and cleaned. The turbo boost actuator has been checked. The diesel mechanic's guru has also been consulted and they've both spent time looking for faults. Once every 2 or so weeks it has a very rough smokey start that sounds similar to stuffed glowplugs (which are new) but every other day it stars fine. None of these problems existed prior to the pump being recond. Has anyone experienced this before? Any ideas? Thanks Andrew.

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    Originally posted by steevo64 View Post
    None of these problems existed prior to the pump being recond.
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      The only thing i could think of would be pump timing. Only a guess though.
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        worth checking the timing marks on the injection pump. easy to miss the timing.


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          If the boost pressure is measured near the turbo, you could have a leak in the hose connections further towards the intake manifold. Check hose connections.


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