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4m40 injector pump timing

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  • 4m40 injector pump timing

    How do you adjust it to make sure it is right...

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    get it done properly by a dyno tune mob.

    I spoke to Cooma Diesel Service in Fyshwick ACT - they sem to know a fair bit about the 4M40. Unfortunately as they are soo far away I could only use their advice and a local dyno mob to get mine right - but when I next need to Paj injectors done ( about another 50K) - I might even go for a bit of a trip.

    The pump plunger lift is set using a special tool and then the pump body is rotated ( I think) to get the timing right - both important to get max power, min smoke and keep the exhaust temps within reasonable limits.

    have fun, Lambie
    NJ 1996 ITD GLX (poverty pack) with a couple of extras, ARB bar, dual batteries plus redarc, Glind shower, some roo spotties, running 235 85 R16 AT's for the road and MT's for the tracks, tweeked torsion bars, Free wheeling front hubs, Poly airs and prodegy electric brakes for the camper, GME radio thingy, Long range tank, cargo barrier, have I really spent all this on my bus??


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