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  • flat towing

    Hi all,
    we bought our SWB 91 NH to flat tow behind our bus. (A-frame, all 4 wheels on the road.)

    I guy told me I may have trouble because the front hubs are controlled electrically/vacuum. What he was saying is that the front hubs will be engaged as the motor won't be running.
    He said he used to have one and if you turned the key off whilst still moving you can hear the hubs click in.

    Is this true?

    If so, is it simply a matter of connecting power from the bus to activate the free wheeling hubs.
    would be appreciated

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    Hi Hop234

    Sounds about right what is said from your Mechanic. Possible way that You might get around this is to install Manual locking hubs. This will allow the CV's not to turn while the front wheels are in motion.
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