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  • Cracked Head

    We have a '91 2.5lt Turbo diesel with a cracked head. The compression test has come back as good & the mechanic is starting on Monday to strip the engine to find out what cracked the head in the 1st place. Has anyone had any experience/ideas as to what may have cracked the head?

    I'm just trying to arm myself with as much info as possible as I'm not confident in the mechanic.... he quoted us approx. $700 to fix a "problematic" oil leak... once we explained we had recently spent that amount of money to fix other oil leaks, he suddenly came back with the fact that it might just be the O ring around the dip stick. Now I have my suspicions...

    Any info would be helpful.

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    can this crack be seen?... or is it just what the mechanic said. overheating is the most likely cause. maybe internal corrosion if it has been poorly maintained - can create a thin/weak spot. you're gonna need a new/replacement head if it is cracked.

    do a full flush of the coolant and oil systems as well - if it has cracked there could be small metal pieces floating around inside.
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      2.5 is notorious for head troubles, have a read here
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        I don't feel so bad now, after reading the UK forum. The old girl's not doing too bad for 215,000kms...


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