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    I have a 97 NL, flaired guard model and have done the normal suspension lift, about 2.5 inches. I want to lift the body about 2 inches as well. Anyone done this and what snags did you run into, ie londer brake hoses maybe etc.

    sure everyone has seen this truck before, If i could find out where he also go the flares it would be excellent if anyone could point me to them, I tried Bushwacker but no luck

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    I dont know about the lift, but I would think a body lift only helps with fitting larger tyres as your clearance & suspenion stay the same. With regards to the flares are you asking about the the black rubber flares added to the panel flares ?

    If you are I'd look/ask/try at somewhere like Clark Rubber. I had some like that years ago that cost me $40 from K-mart, pitty they don't do them anymore. I'd be interested in hearing what others have to say about body lifts (and whats legal lol) as I really like the way 4x4's look lifted with big rubber.

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      Those particular flares wouldn't fit your model of course, because that is the model before, without the actual panel flare.

      Do yout think that wheel/tyre combo works, as in the head on shot it doesn't look like there is much room for steering lock before the inner guard is fouled.

      On another matter, I wouldn't mind the climate control!
      98 NL LWB with plenty on the wish list


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        As with a body lift on any 4wd you will have to check the following.
        Lowering the radiator
        Gear Lever Travel - both sticks
        Steering shaft length
        Brake Lines - to chassis and to wheels
        Fuel lines and all other hoses and cables

        Then after the lift
        Rasing the front and rear bumpers to suit
        Then the fuel tank and exhaust system can be lifted for more height.
        Big job.
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