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rear diff front oil seal

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  • rear diff front oil seal

    Hi All
    Can anyone advise how to undo the large nut on the front shaft of the rear diff in order to change the oil seal.
    Is it ok to put a socket on it and give it curry?
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    2006 NP 3.2DID Auto, Smart bar, Glind heat exchange shower system, Boos bash plates, Redarc towpro elite, Custom roof rack, Ebay snorkel, winch, Kings awning, Old school uniden UHF, diff breathers, Custom sliders, Middle exhaust delete, Custom quick remove rear shelf.

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    There is no other way to undo it. Use a 6 point impact socket and even a rattle gun and it should come undone fairly easily. Of course you have to have your wheels blocked to prevent them rotating.

    Mark the propeller shaft so that it goes back in the same place. Be ultra careful when removing the shaft - don't drop it, it is fragile and expensive. My W/S manual says to wrap the shaft in rubber sheeting at least 10 mm thick, remove the nuts & bolts on the rear uni joint, wrap a rag around the joint, carefully remove the shaft and plug the transmission with a bung or rag. Then take the shaft and put it is a safe place. "Be careful not to drop the air breather which is located at the rear end of the shaft"???? I assume that the breather is somehow fixed to the diff rather than the shaft.

    The manual says to tighten the nut on the companion flange to 216 Nm +/- 29 Nm.


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