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Wheel hub/bearings

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  • Wheel hub/bearings

    Hey guys,
    looking at doing my wheel hubs/bearings soon.
    I had one bearing break last year driving to NSW, so thought it may be a good idea to do the rest.

    I found these on eBay, which are much cheaper than the Repco version that I previously bought.

    Does anyone have any experience with them??
    12/2000 pajero nm glx 3.5L petrol, 5 speed automatic.

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    I think $50 hubs are $50 for a reason and quality isn't the reason.


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      Fair enough.
      Although the viscous fan clutch for the radiator from Repco costs almost $700. The exact same model from eBay cost me $250.
      So I could easily see that the quality is the same for the Repco vs eBay hubs. May mean that the Repco ones are cheap too....or vice versa.

      I was just hoping someone may have given it a go and tried them already 🙂
      12/2000 pajero nm glx 3.5L petrol, 5 speed automatic.


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        I've worked in industries where you can buy one product for $25, or the exact same one in different brand for $7 that is just lacking the fancy packaging. One guess which sold more

        I don't subscribe to buying the most expensive because it's best, in some cases it's better, some it's just more expensive, sometimes the cheaper ones are better. Only one way to find out, but just be prepared to have it not last as long


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          Hi Richyd,

          We all go through this cost/quality dilemma at some time or other - here's my 2 cents worth.....

          I first try to ascertain, is it made in China - the ebay page does not say anywhere on it, it's manufacturing it's most likely China.

          If you had the choice of a free Japanese wheel bearing or a free Chinese wheel bearing which would you choose? There lies your most likely course of action.....!

          I've replaced an idler bearing on my wife's Nissan Micra recently - Chinese bearing $4.50, Japanese $6.50 but the quality is not the same.
          NP 2004 Exceed, DiD, 234 000k, auto, 2" lift, snorkel


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