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HD or standard raised springs?

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  • HD or standard raised springs?

    I have a LWB DiD 2000 Pajero, lhd 5spd(probably the only one here in Canada). No winch, single battery, no aftermarket front bumper. It may occasionally tow a tent trailer, or get loaded with normal camping gear...but mostly it's a daily driver with some light offroad recreational use.
    My question is...

    I am upgrading the worn out suspension- springs, shocks, bushings, and it will get new tires and rims... do I go with Standard duty(Medium) raised Lovells all the way around, or HDs in the front?

    Most around here(which isn't many) are petrol Montero's...i assume the gasoline 4ngine is lighter than the 3.2, but I'm not sure. I just don't want too stiff a ride, but at the same time, I dont want to under-do-it.


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    I run Lovells MD all around in a NX MY16, only accessories are a nudge bar, lightbar and bash plates (intercooler, sump and trans). The ride is fairly firm, I am glad I did not opt for Lovells HD. In saying that I am running Bilstein shocks and they are firm themselves. But generally should be fine with the MDs. With a bit of weight in the car, 6 or 7 seats occupied the ride is very compliant due to the added load, yet handling is still great. What struts/shocks are you looking at? Dobinsons (I understand they have a presence in North America) and Bilstein should be easily sourced over there.
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    2016 NX GLS MY16 | MMA towbar | Boo's bash plates | ProVent 200 catch can | 2" Lovells SD (F+R) + Bilsteins | Stedi 28" ST4K | Falken Wildpeak AT3W 265/60R18 (urban use) | Yokohama Geolandar G015 265/70R17 (rural use) | iDRIVE


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      The original designers of the car had a purpose in mind when they chose the suspension. Obviously it is a compromise between load capacity and comfort, no doubt with costs thrown in as well. If you have a need for extra load carrying capacity for most of the time, then you should probably go for a stiffer suspension, but if the heavy loads are a rare event, then you are probably better off going for a setup which is close to the original design. Yes - raised suspensions are nice, they look good (macho), but unless you are regularly going to venture into really rough country you are likely to end up with a vehicle which is not as comfortable as the original.


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