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Transmission change.

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  • Transmission change.

    Has anyone swapped a transmission themselves? Having issues with my 2000 NM automatic transmission not going into 5th gear in both D and with the triptronic. Auto transmission guy said that it needs to be replaced. Have only noticed this in the last month at the most.

    Have changed the oils, not showing any codes except for c/d light flashing code 33 which is the switches on the transfer case. A/T light has never came on. Replaced neutral safety switch and have done work on the engine. Tested the TCM and thats fine.

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    Hi Jonas,

    According to the Service Manual DTC 33 Fault Code is a Second Solenoid Valve System fault. If this fault code occurs the the gear dash display will flash "N" and the transmission will not change up past 3rd gear.
    Suggest you get the fault correct diagnosed correctly rather than just change the transmission without a confirm diagnosis.

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      I too would do more research on this.
      I am not a transmission expert, but it could be any number of small things (solenoids, sensors etc) which are cheaply and easily replaced.
      I'd say the transmission only needs to be changed when there's an actual mechanical issue on the inside.


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