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Longeveity of drive train with 50mm lift

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  • Longeveity of drive train with 50mm lift


    I have 2005 NP DID with 80,000 kms of very easydriving. Was going to take a new lease with a Prado but their body and diff issues have made me rethink and I'll probably buy out the NP and instead lease a small car for remaining few years in the work force thus ending with 2 pretty good vehicles. That's the plan anyway.

    In the near future I will be doing some real 4WD , initially in easy tag-alongs to get experience and of course to have some good company! The more serious tag-alongs like Simpson and Canning recommend suspension upgrades and from this forum Lovells/Bilsteins look a good choice.

    However the 50mm lift substantially alters the angle of the wheeel drive shafts on the independent suspension. Does this have any issues for longevity of the NP drive train ?

    I intend to keep the NP for as long as possible so are there any other long term issues that you are aware of with this model ?

    ps Nothing against Prado but apart from the soft ride the Prado does not seem any more robust or reliable than NP.

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    Plenty of people on here, myself included, have been running with 50mm lift for ages with no problems.
    Cheers, John.
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      No problem with my Np.
      Just keep an eye on the wheel alignment.

      2011 NT. Now to transfer dual batteries, fridge slide, uhf & slider plates from previous NP.
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        Another option to raising the pajero is installing heavy duty springs (mine are king springs on my Np front and rear) and even though the springs were the standard height it raised my pajero by 45mm. This is because my steel bullbar, dual battery system etc compressed the soft factory springs down. My shocks are factory standard and on the Anne beadell Hwy I had no problems with them. I will replace them with after market ones as the need arises.



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          I had about a 40mm rear lift done at 20K, I've now done 110K and have a noisy rear CV joint. Not sure if it's related to the lift but I'd expect more than 110K out of one. See my post on rear CV's in this section. After ringing around , an aftermarket rear CV joint doesn't exist, apparently because there is no market for them, meaning they rarely fail. While it's resonably expensive to replace it's nothing compared to a diff or gearbox


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