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Experience with mild lift comfort suspension on NM/NP?

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  • Experience with mild lift comfort suspension on NM/NP?

    Hi, would those who have done a mild suspension lift (that is 5cm or less at the back - and usually a little less in front) - comfort settings (not heavy duty) on NM or NP models be so kind to share their experience please?

    I'd love to know :
    - what brands you installed
    - where you installed and how much (not so critical as I can check the details myself)
    - if it last (e.g. won't start to sag after only a short period of time)
    - if it really improves comfort
    - how much worse it is when cornering

    I know, a lot of questions, but I'd be so grateful if anybody could share the info pleeease I'd like to install but there are so many choices and the problem is that it's not really a "try before you buy kind of stuff".

    Thanks in advance and best regards,

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    Ive had ARB OME H/Duty Springs and Shocks on my NM for 5 years now. Best thing I have done to the car. Ride wasnt significantly harsher than the standard set up, handling is a bit more sporty and firm, tows a load so much better than standard its not funny, carrys a full load of family and gear, including full roofrack without dragging its bum on the ground etc. Cost about $1000 for shocks and springs X4 but thats 5 years ago. Done 70000kms on this set up and still fine. Just wished I had slightly more lift at the front, think I got 60mm rear and 35mm front, however when loaded up and trailer hitched, perfectly level.
    I wouldnt hesitate to do the same again..
    NM GL Diesel (Tourer)
    NS Pajero (Tar Baby)


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      My brother (NM Exceed) and I (NP GLS) have both installed ironman 50mm lift. I can't comment on longevity, but ride is great and offroad (Vic High Plains) has proved incredibly confortable, plus clearence was very welcome. Installed at SCS in Braeside. Price was in the $900's if I remember correct. seems good value and the guys at SCS are very good.
      2003 NP DID GLS Auto, 50mm Iron Man Suspension, ARB BBar, Chinese winch, custom fridge/equipment rack, Rhino RoofBars and alum TGM roof rack, UHF CB, Bridgstone D697 265/70-16, Safari Snorkel, Polyair


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        comfort suspension

        Hi 2800ITDNM and Bernardpotatoe,
        Thanks for your prompt replies. I suppose my question is that if we choose the "so called" comfort/ medium duty" suspension, would it mean that it is more compliant / softer than the factory standard one? I suppose the extra length compensates for deeper drop when the vehicle is loaded?
        Best regards,

        Note : if Santa gets my letter in time, I hope to ride the car in an extra comfort and probably a little more under-body clearance next year


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          35mm hd Kings front and rear. Max spring lift offered off the shelf. Standard shocks, 220000km no problems. 35mm lift claimed by manufacturer - 35mm lift achieved. I think I lost maybe 5mm at most when I put the winch and bullbar on.

          Ride - I drive my comfortable car where the others need their "more capable" vehicles. No fuss and with all the stuff.

          Its in the bush 6 out of 8 weekends and in the city car park (1.9m) as a daily driver. Anything higher seriously restricts where you can park and costs seriously more for a carpark.

          It can raise more but at the expense of suspension droop and then it will be more prone to tipping over when the articulation gets rough.

          Another 15mm height on the front would save the front skid plate, but Im not prepared to lose the articulation. Maybe Ill get around to building a strut spacer. Snake Racing sells them for the other vehicles dont know of one for the Paj.

          At $300.00 for the four springs, and a mornings work on the hoist, very happy with the ride, the clearance, the performance and the result.
          Cheers, Mitishi.
          NM 2001 GLS Petrol.


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            If I understand your question, you want to raise the vehicle ride height and soften the ride? I think these are mutually exclusive. Raising the ride height and softening the ride I think (and I am not an engineer) would cause body roll to be a bit bad. I have an NP with the Old Man Emu conversion done with the Heavy Duty Springs and I don't find the ride too harsh. The vehicle performs well on and off road. The OME kit is backed by ARB around Australia and is checked when I get my vehicle serviced (at ARB) If I have made the correct assumption I think you should have a chat to your local ARB (or whoever you choose) and if possible go for a ride in a vehicle with a Heavy Duty lift done.




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              Hi jm2004
              ARB OME front and rear on our NM. Did 75,000kms. Ride was significantly improved, handling was significantly improved, towing our camper was significantly improved. The vehicle used to "wallow around" with the factory suspension and the change was dramatic.
              Longevity is another issue. We had to replace the rear shockers after about 50,000 kms and the theory is that towing the camper caused hyper extension/compression and this caused the back shocker shafts to bend. But then 50,000kms was probably enough anyway.
              Despite the last comment our NS is currently under consideration and ARB OME may not be the solution.
              2012 NW Platinum 2 in cool silver. Armour tint all round. Hayman Reese heavy duty hitch. Spare wheel lift. ARB heavy duty suspension with lift. Long Range Automotive auxiliary 81 litre fuel tank. Piranha dual battery set up. Battery World second battery. GME TX 3540 UHF.
              Concept caravan, Autofridge 40L Fridge, Waeco CF18 Fridge/Freezer,
              2008 CJ Lancer VR Sportsback with a few little extras


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                comfort preference

                Hi Rusty,
                Thanks for your comments, and all the comments from others as well. I suppose Skippy made a valid point that increasing the height while having softer suspension will make the car wallow ever further around corners.

                I suppose even when I tend not to drive too fast especially around corners, touch wood, there might be times when one might need to turn quickly.

                I was hoping if anybody had selected the "comfort/ medium duty" offerings which are usually also offered by the likes of Tough Dog, etc, and can share how it goes - including how much worse it is around corners. But looks like so far all who raised the suspensions opted for heavy-duty setup which of course will handle corners, and load, much better (evident in several other similar topics raised in this forum).

                Thanks again and best regards to all,


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                  I specifically chose to install a medium ride rather than stiffer/ higher
                  to avoid losing articulation. Im still on factory shocks and agree with others that they are a little soft.
                  Bilsteins or something of equal quality and adjustable will go on eventually. The Kings I'm on are called HD but really with the accessories on the car they travel about the same as the original equipment, just a little higher.
                  More than a couple of landcruiser owners have commented how comfortable the ride was compared to their own vehicle.
                  Cheers, Mitishi.
                  NM 2001 GLS Petrol.


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