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  • juddery take off

    Hi i am new to the forum and just need a bit of help. My wifes pajero nm 3.5l manual is juddering when we drive off in first gear, and reverse, anyone had this before? thanks Les.

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    Shuddering clutch perhaps - due to leakin rear main seal, poor installation, burnt from riding the clutch, or your air con drain is leakin onto the bellhousing - most like the later two.


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      Hi Les.
      If the pajero hasn't had the air cond drain modified you could be in trouble.I had a similiar problem with a 60000 manual did.The pressure plate was ok but the clutch plate had been stuffed by water/moisture.
      I had the clutch etc replaced, no more problems(MMA wouldn't come to the party also!!)

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        thanks for your replies, i did look under the car when the ac unit was just turned off and the water was running down the bell housing of the gearbox, is that meant to leak there or do i need to modify? Also the clutch engages very high.


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          Hi Les, there was a factory recall for an extention hose to be fitted to the air-con drain hose. It should be done for free by a dealer, but as Vince said it does'nt sound good about the clutch for you if yours has'nt been done and you are having problems.
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            thanks sandgroper. i will let you know how i get on. but it wont be this side of christmas having 3 kids and a wife who want everything.


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              Hi Les was just wondering how you went with the clutch shudder as my pajero does the same thing especially after a long trip.

              Thanks Rob
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