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nm petrol ride height

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  • nm petrol ride height

    can some one let me know what the correct ride height is for a nm petrol pajero and where is it measured from ? thanks

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    By correct I assume you mean what is the standard ride height. If you measure from the centre of the wheel to the top of the wheel arch the front should be 500-510mm and the rear 520mm.

    Most others on the forum will have measurements from the wheel rim edge (at the bottom), which is perhaps more accurate (well easier to measure), but of course it assumes we all have the same rims (which is probably a fair assumption).


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      These are the measurements I took when I put my new springs in.

      Before L/713 R/710
      After L/765 R/765

      Before L/705 R/705
      After L/760 R/763

      Clearance under cross member went from 232 to 285 (I also have 265/75/16 tyres which give a bit more)
      Rear crossmember from 253 to 300

      Measurements were taken from bottom of rim to the plastic flare trim.
      Cheers, John.
      LC200 V8 goodness

      MY12 LC200 GXL 4.5Lt V8 twin turbo, GVM upgrade, ARB bar, Warn winch, Outback Acc rear bar and dual carrier, TJM sidesteps, Bushskinz, Long Ranger 180Lt tank, Black Widow drawers, cargo barrier, Polaris Awning, +++
      Ex - NM auto, 2"Kings, Bilsteins, Buckshots, Wildcat headers, 2.75" Mandrel bent exhaust, Injected LPG, Smartbar, Scraper bar, Bushskinz, Custom steps, Dual Batteries, Breathers, Black Widow drawers, Polaris Awning.


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        i just measured mine and it is 500mm from the centre of the wheel to the arch and this all the way around , mind you i have gas tanks in the back.


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          my completely standard '02 NM 3.5 is <> 500mm at front (wheel centre to arch) and 520 at rear. Fuel tank about half full. Front driver side possibly about 498-9.

          2010 MY 2011 VR-X V6. Stock standard.

          Previously 02 NM auto V6 Exceed silver. Extra transmission cooler & transmission temp gauge, activated rear lights, Impco sequential LPG system, Redback (Wildcat) Headers, heavy duty radiator. Lovells shocks F & R, Polyair bags in rear.

          My original Pajero experience - '90 NG Superwagon, 3.0 V6 manual bought new and kept until 1998. Great vehicle, no problems apart from the noisy valve lifters typical of that engine.


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            cheers guys


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