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Fuel Problem???

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  • Fuel Problem???

    Started the Di-D this morning no problem, drove 150m then it just stopped! Restarted easily enough, went about 1km then again it just died. When I restarted this time the Paj blew smoke like you wouldn't believe and went into limp along mode. I called Zupp's Southport who picked up the vehicle and they'll look at it on Monday.

    I had a similar but lesser problem about 15 months ago but it went away! At that stage I took it to Zupp's but couldn't repeat the problem so they didn't look at it. I've bought my fuel religiously from the same BP outlet here on the Gold Coast for the last 6 months - BP Labrador on Olsen Ave.

    So here are the questions:

    What's the chance it's dodgy fuel (not covered by warranty)? I've driven 220 kms on the current tank which reads 3 quarters full.

    I've experienced some slight over revving recently so could this indicate that the fuel management system is the problem? (Covered by warranty)

    On my trip to Perth in April/May a diesel fuel leak was discovered, temporarily fixed in Perth and properly fixed back here. It was a known issue. Since then my fuel economy has deteriorated somewhat. Could this be part of the issue?

    Has anyone else experienced this on an NP auto diesel?

    All responses gratefully received. I was due to drive down to Skidney on Monday so I'm glad it happened today.

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    From what I have been told - the fuel can come from any of the suppliers now - comes down to who is the cheapest on the day the local BP (or other fuel station) has ordered it...

    Some fuel stations are doing it properly - but alot are not!
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      Have them check your diesel pickup inside the tank. Maybe this got damaged when the tank was repaired. This could give rise to some of the simptoms you described if damaged.

      Please keep us updated.

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        Is the smoke white/grey? If so it is possible that it is the fuel management system. I am currently waiting for a new speed sensor to arrive for my DiD, the sensor apparently has something to do with the amount of fuel being delivered to the engine. If the smoke is white then the car is running very lean and can even stall, at least that is what my dealer told me after I experienced similar problems.
        My problems started slightly differently in that the first symtom was running rough at idle and then developed into stalling and white smoke, so your issue may be something different, but stills sounds fuel related.

        Nearly forgot to mention, my car was also experiencing problems with over revving.
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          [If the smoke is white then the car is running very lean and can even stall, at least that is what my dealer told me } QUOTE

          Find a new dealer!!!
          A diesel is an excess air engine, that is fuel is added to create combustion, the more fuel the stronger and hotter the combustion, until the point of excess smoke.

          White smoke can be caused be the following
          Retarded timing
          Low compression
          Very cold running

          The most likely cause of the smoke will be speed/timng sensor as mentioned. At high RPM restriction to the fuel system will cause Black/grey smoke
          The biggest isssue with the DID is the dealer, Fing a dealer with Diesel trained mechanics and your cheeering
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            I've got my Paj back and it's now running well (more on that later) The mechanics at my dealer are a little confused but here is what they did. They run a computer analysis and found these faults:

            code 12 boost solenoid control

            code 48 ge actuator in the side fuel pump.

            They cleared the codes (reset?), gave the vehicle a test run, checked again, the codes were clear and they then asked me to come in and pick it up.

            The engine is running the best it's been for a long while. No more over revving, the response when I push down on the accelerator is far smoother and it goes into 5th gear much more quickly and stays there.

            The mechanics are still not sure of the actual problem but at the moment all is OK! As I said earlier in the thread I did strike a similar occurrence after my Simpson trip in 06 but put it down to me nearly running out of fuel on my way into Alice Springs. After getting back I had a very smoky start from cold for nearly a month but when I took the vehicle to Zupp's it had cleared itself.

            Overall, I have to give Zupp's full marks for their handling of this situation. My only concern is that I might suffer a repeat


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              The problem has returned and I've been back to the dealer. The same codes came out again. This time the problem went away after it warmed up. The next time it goes awry (probably this morning) I'm to take it back to the dealer and if the same code comes up they'll replace the fuel pump. Now here's the bizarre part. The dealer told me that a new pump costs $4K!!! Surely not. Doesn't matter as it's a warranty job anyway.


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                Since the last little hiccup, the Paj has run perfectly so I'm some what bemused. If the problem reoccurs, Zupp's will replace the fuel pump, but I don't think it will in a hurry. It has been running fine for the last 4 days which has made me rethink the issue and here is what I've come up with.

                For most of it's life I've used a fuel conditioner in my Paj. I started doing this before my first outback journey in the NP to try and counter the possible effects of dodgy fuel and waxing in very cold conditions. I maintained this regimen up until my recent return from Perth in May at which point I stopped using a fuel conditioner. Is it possible that I've had a bacteria build up in the tank and this got through to the rest of my fuel system thereby causing the problem (and the error code readouts)? I'm now back to using a conditioner. I bought Diesel Power by Chemtech as it appears to be the most popular one used by the truckies (and I suppose they should know!).

                I'd be interested to hear any other thoughts about this. From what I can gather, the sort of fuel system problems I struck are rare in the NP.


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                  Not sure about your issues. But i wouldnt tell Mitsu you have been using a conditioner in your fuel system. They may try to avoid the claim or any future claim due to an aditive been added causing premature failure.
                  Hope you sort it.



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