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Fuel Problems (I think?)

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  • Fuel Problems (I think?)

    Hoping someone can throw up some ideas as to what is wrong with my vehicle. Have a 2002 NM Pajero with a 3.5 petrol engine. Last w/e we came home towing the boat, managed to get it home OK (thank god!) and then on Monday my better half went to use the car and said that it died. Turned the key, car coughed and spluttered for a few seconds an then could not be started again. Had noticed a bit of a whine when towing the boat on Sunday afternoon , but was not overly concerned. Figured I would have it looked at in the next week or two. Being flat out at work pre Xmas I arranged for a mobile mechanic (company name will remain unmentioned) to come to my house and fix the car for my wife. Two days and a grand later we are no closer to getting the car running and I have cracked the sads and told the guy to get on his bike . So far they have replaced the timing belt and crank angle sensor and advised me that as this did not fix the problem. They determined that it was fuel related and advised me to get the fuel pump changed. I have since changed the fuel pump and have had no joy.

    Now that I have finished work for the year I have been able to have a look at it myself. I am happy that there is a spark, the fuel pump appears to be running (however when I kick the ignition over I am not getting fuel up at the engine). Reading through some forums on the web I have found a suggestion that this could be a failure with the ECU. I am now scratching my head as to where to go next. My thoughts are to possibly replace the fuel filter (although I was advised that this may not improve things) or to look further at possible fault in the ECU. The mechanic that came out said that he had checked for any faults on the ECU and had not found any - but I am taking this advice with a big grain of salt.

    Any suggestions that you could give would be appreciated as it is a real bugger trying to fit a family of 5 into a little Hyundai Excel - never mind the fact that the car is blocking access to the boat as well as being the tow vehicle!

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    There is a fuel filter inside the tank on the NM petrol. I think it's accessed from inside the cabin under the rear seat, there is a plate you take off to gain access to the tank (I think) try a search.

    The fuel filter would be the first thing to check


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      You are dead right. On the NM the fuel filter is in the tank. I inspected this when I replaced the fuel pump. The filter was still in reasonable condition, there was a small amount of grit present, but it was not enough to stop the functionality of the part.



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        jeez that's a lot of money for no result!

        Hi...sorry to hear of your woes....Mitsubishi dealers are not overly popular as per most dealers, but at least they have the right diagnostic equipment. A MUTT tester checks the ECU & just about everything. Pity you didn't try them first as at least they are a bit specialised as opposed to the jack of all vehicles grease monkey on wheels

        By all means check the filter on the tank scavenger pipe, but I would bet it is unlikely to block.


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          Before you do anything could possibly be the imobiliser. Does the engine light remain on?
          Try disconnecting the battery for 10-20mins it may reset the ecu or some other item. May come good if it hasnt been tried already.
          Also check fuses relays etc.
          If theres spark and no fuel it does sound like imobiliser or possibly the ecu.
          When you say you are not getting fuel up at the engine where too? In the fuel rail or the injector. To check the fuel is at the fuel rail you will need to remove the fuel regulator to check (Careful it may be under pressure) if there is fuel there it will mean your injectors are not opening and closing. Then that is an imobiliser issue or ecu problem. Hope this helps.
          Also do you still have the old crank angle sensor? If so can you post a pic of it here. Im chasing some information on it and a picture will tell a thousand words.
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            theres a plug on the MAf sensor (I think thats what its called) attached to air filter I accidently left it off when I checked the air filter once and it did what your car is doing ie it tries to start but just dies have a look it may have come loose or maybe dirty contact worth a try
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