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Back Seat Problem

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  • Back Seat Problem

    I recently purchased a second hand NM Pajero GLX D.I.D.. I didn't receive a handbook and I can't work out how to fold down the back seat (middle row). I can fold the back portion of the seat down flat on the bottom seat part, but can't find any sort of release lever to flip the seat over so it is on the floor up against the back of the front seats. Any advise?

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    As you fold the top of the seat forward lift the back of the seat as well (you should hear a click as you fold the top part forward, this is the bottom part unlocking from the floor).

    I have this problem sometimes too.


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      I find if I lift the lever on the side to straighten the seat first then release the seat back it will fold all the way over every time.


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        Hi peteratorange
        Our NM had the same quirk.
        If you pull the lever, flatten the back and then try to fold the seat up it doesn't go as that is the way it is designed. So the motion is pull lever up, fold back forward and as you fold forward pull the back of the seat bottom up.
        I have learned that the NS is exactly the same.
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          Thanks guys - I'll try that.


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            I have just bought a 2nd hand NM GLX also. I was stumped by the 2nd row until I found this thread.

            Thanks for your help!!!



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