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Front end Vibration

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  • Front end Vibration

    I have been looking at an 04' DiD auto 21st anniversary edition at a car yard. It has recently been given a check by RACV and one thing that come up was:

    Severity Section Part/Location Fault/Comment
    E VIBRATION/PULSATION Steering when braking
    E VIBRATION/PULSATION Steering vibration evident

    I know it doesn't say much but has anyone else suffered this problem or heard of it? The 'E' by the way is for early attention req. Everything else seems all go but this vibration...

    The car has done 85k km...they are asking around 37K..


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    first guess would be warped discs. afaik this isn't too common in Pajeros, so the question might be why are they warped??? A hard life????

    2010 MY 2011 VR-X V6. Stock standard.

    Previously 02 NM auto V6 Exceed silver. Extra transmission cooler & transmission temp gauge, activated rear lights, Impco sequential LPG system, Redback (Wildcat) Headers, heavy duty radiator. Lovells shocks F & R, Polyair bags in rear.

    My original Pajero experience - '90 NG Superwagon, 3.0 V6 manual bought new and kept until 1998. Great vehicle, no problems apart from the noisy valve lifters typical of that engine.


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      If it also does it when not braking it may be worn or out of balance tyres. What sort of tyres does it have on it?


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