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fuel consumption for a 2002 NM diesel pajero

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  • fuel consumption for a 2002 NM diesel pajero

    Hi Everyone, I am going to upgrade from my old '89, 2.5 intercooled turbo pajero and am looking at a NM My2002 Pajero Exceed with 3.2 l diesel engine and semi automatic box. Does anyone know what sort of fuel consumption around town and highway driving I could expect. The advert didn't say anything about a turbo so I don't know if it has one or not......did they come with or without a turbo?
    Guys I appreciate your input.

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    Hi Peter, the 3.2 is the DiD turbo diesel. I had a manual NM DiD and averaged 9L/100km city/freeway and about 16L/100km towing 2.5T boat. Make sure it is the 3.2 because NMs also had the 2.8, not nearly as good.
    Hope this helps,

    PS:How many kms and how many $ ?
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      Fuel Consumption

      Runnign two different 04 NP Pajero Automatics and getting 10 to 11 L/ 100 kms in the city running in peak hour. Down south highway / freeway running still getting 9.5 to 10 litres per 100 kms. Towing fully laden at 2.2 tonnes with full vehicle and averaging 90 km/h to Canarvon return 15L / 100 kms.

      Hope this helps. Averages are for two vehicles with a total of 130,000 kms of running and fuel consumption courtesy of fuel cards at each fill.

      Cheers JC


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        I've not yet managed to do a complete test of soley town driving, had the vehilce about 4 months and been 4wding and highway drives of the one tank, but on averarge we seem to be getting 14l/100km when towing and about 12.8l/100km without


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          Have NP, general driving to and from work etc, 10 to12 l/kms. Towing van 1100 to 1200 kgs 13.9 l/kms. Have seen on a trip 2 up no luggage 8.7 l/kms. 4wding from 14 l/kms to 18 l/kms, depends where you are and what you are doing
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            I have an 02 GLS semi-auto and average 10-11L per 100km around town and slightly better on highway. Towing a 15ft plate tinny does not seem to significantly alter the economy, but rarely tow it more than 180km round trips so i am not sure on this. Hope this helps.
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