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  • shocks & springs

    hi all has anybody fitted to there nm/np. ome shocks & bilstein springs i have ome all round medium ride but i would like a bit more lift thanks four any info

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    I've got TJM EHD springs and Bilstein shocks. The ride is much firmer.

    Bilstein don't make springs - but I'm guessing you meant OME springs and Bilstein shocks.


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      I had Bilsten shocks and a lot firmer ride but they only last 45k and 2.5 years so not 100% happy. But they were good while they lasted.
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        Originally posted by glsgls View Post
        ome shocks & bilstein springs
        If your doing bad dirt roads I do NOT recommend OME shocks - seen a few blow.

        Bilstein Shocks (~ $900) and
        Lovell or King springs (~$550 fitted with shocks at the same time)

        EHD in rear if your carrying a load (ie travelling with 700kg+ in vehicle or heavy caravan). I suggest HD for normal use. (easy to change the rear springs)
        OR use air bag/spring system.

        Bilstein Shocks are likely to last the distance with bad dirt roads but the life of the shocks will suffer. If on bad dirt roads make sure you let your tyres down to <25psi hot and speed <90kph.
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