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NM Temp Gauge showing hot is it thermostat or circuit board???

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  • NM Temp Gauge showing hot is it thermostat or circuit board???

    We have an nm paj that is showing hot on the temp gauge and is also a bit erratic.

    We took it around the block and it when straight to hot. we then carefully removed the radiator cap and it didn't boil over. The water was warm. We had a close look at the temp gauge and it was going up and down. We then read a similar thread which said that a small circuit board behind the gauges can sometimes fail.

    So we then pulled out the gauges from he dash and had a look. Seemed ok we then put it back together and then none of the gauges worked. (Speedo, tacko, fuel and temp).

    Have i made an expensive mistake fooling with the circuit board or is this a common fault.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    It's a common fault... UTFSE and you will find the answer.

    Take the cluster to a speedo repair shop, and have it fixed.

    You shouldn't have to pay more than $100.


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      Couldn't think it would be anything too serious.

      * Have a good look around the board for any dodgy solder joints.
      * Check you haven't damaged the connector or the harness when you removed it.

      As for the temp gauge. I had a similar problem with a Nissan Pulsar back in 94 where the temp gauge would slowly rise in traffic and eventually set off all the bell n, whistles. Would happen almost every time I was in traffic and the only way I could relieve the temp was to switch the heater on to 'drain' some of the heat out of the system.

      Took the car to various dealers who one after the other changed out the instrument cluster with no success.

      Wasn't until I insisted on having one of the Nissan Tech Specialists come out for a consult. He looked at it and checked the coolant temp and found there was no dramatic rise in coolant temp even though the temp gauge needle was wrapping itself around the limits. He reset the ecu and I never had the issue repeat itself again.

      Might be worth a try. Disconnect the battery for half an hour and let the ecu reset.
      May drive like a dog for a short time afterward whist it re-learns again.

      "Percussive Maintenance : The fine art of whacking the crap out of something to get it to work again"


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        maybe you should look into the temperature guage sender unit which is positioned next to the thermostat housing, could be just a bad contact.
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          The common fault which is starting flare up in the NM/NP is the voltage regulator, the instruments run on 5 volts if the regulator fails the gauges not read accruate
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