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Toyota LC vs Mits Montero?

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  • Toyota LC vs Mits Montero?

    Hello I hope you all can help me. Last year I puchased a long awaited LC. I live in the states and grew up in Southern Calif where the trucks a iconic. A Land Cruiser is cool here no matter what year or condition it is in. I knew nothing of clubs or forums and bought a 92 U.S. model that came with the 3FE engine. The truck is a dog! I love it, but it is slow and gas hog.

    I have owned a 95 Montero previously. I loved it. I was a dream on the highway and had plenty of power to pass and cruise. I was not into offroading at the time or expedition travel.

    I now know I need what I call an "Adventure Rig". A do all. A little trail running, a little expeditional travel and alot of loading my mountian bikes and traveling all over the southwest to ride.

    Recently I have been thinking that I miss my Montero a lot. Can you guys help me with my homework? What year is the best here in the US? What I can expect in MPG with say 33" tires (tyres). Also what a the pitfalls and common problems I should look for. What type on maintaince would I need to do? The 3FE engine is easy to work on. I think the Montero is more complicated. How many miles can I expect to get out of the truck? Any info you guys can give me will help

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    It sounds like you have not found the forum 4x4 wire?
    This forum (4x4 wire) is US based and has a huge following of the Mitsubishi trucks. They will be able to help with the specifics of the Montero in a US based specification.
    ML triton with some accessories
    National E Trek Libary
    Getting Out There


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