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  • N.P.Pajero

    As the owner of a N P Pajero I have encounted the fault 1. after 45,000 k. the rear tyres had scrubbed out on the inside down to nothing. 2.after changing tyres the spare tyre cover wouldn't fit on s ecurely. HAS anybody hade the same results, and what was their fix. Taken the vehicle back to the agent and they said the wheel allingment was out from day 1 they did an allingment but have yet to see the results

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    Rear wheels

    I think that with independant suspension all round that the rear need aligning as well as the front agent may be right.


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      Rear Tyre Wear

      The vehicle manual talks about this problem, it is prone to happen if the back of the vehicle is heavily loaded (such as with a trailer), due to the independent suspension.
      I have towed around Australia, using load distribution hitch, and after 60,000 Km, have very even wear on the rears. Have not changes the tyres yet but rotated every 15,000 Km.


      05 Platinum Edition, DID, Auto, ARB Bar, dual battery.


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        I was told that vehicles are not given a proper wheel alignment when they roll off the assembly line... I don't know if this is true but I've heard of a lot of people having the same problems until they have an alignment done.

        Be handy to remember to ask the dealer to do an alignment before you pick up the car from new.
        Ąđżą aka Adam
        2004 NP Pajero
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          I agree with the heavily loaded point. I have driven behind an NP which seemed heavily loaded. I was surprised to see how the camber on the rear wheels changed with the heavy load. Me thinks a raised HD suspension should be on the cards for that truck.

          So, if your towing or hauling a heavy load constantly, then putting in HD springs or airbags would be a good idea.

          Have a Gunmetal Grey NS V6 Exceed. Already raised with lovells, Poly airs, Colour coded ARB bullbar, Sidewinder Dual Batteries, WAECO CF50.... Just moved to Perth, wife and 2 girls and a bloody big boy dog.

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            Originally posted by john_char View Post
            So, if your towing or hauling a heavy load constantly, then putting in HD springs or airbags would be a good idea.

            After travelling for a while with just +150kg HD springs - heavy load (ie 750kg load) - I recommend obtaining both HD springs and airbags as you tend to hit the rubber stops on roads. I am considering them at the moment...
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              My NP does have airbags fitted ,as stated the allingment had not been set prior to delevery.Have now had alingment done all round and will be watching the wear. The spare wheel cover is a hard one but now does not fit snug over the wheel it hangs looose and can be spun around


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                I ran Cooper AT for 52K before they delaminated and were replaced under warranty. I fitted Cooper HT Sport (mostly highway & sand) and also had a wheel alignment done, FRONT & REAR. The rear tyres totally scrubbed out in 21k with the same wear pattern as yours, no inside tread left. Front tyres were at least roadworthy but were also wearing on the edges.

                Had a couple of new tyres fitted and another wheel alignment, they said the rear was way out and the front was not much better. No sign of were since (3k). Tyrepower at Joondalup did the latest alignment. They said they have found that they have to do these Pajero rears twice, ie, align it, run around the block (with the Pajero) then align it again. It seems to have worked. I don't think too many everday tyre shops are up to the job of aligning 4x4 with independent suspensions.

                I would suggest you get an alignment from a known good alignment centre.

                GUY JOLLIFFE
                2004 NP DiD Anniversary, ARB bar, Cooper HP Sport, 2x100 Narva Spots, 2x100 Hella 550 Spots, HD Mits TowBar, Mits Roof Racks, Rear Cargo Tray.


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                  Originally posted by pojo View Post
                  The spare wheel cover is a hard one but now does not fit snug over the wheel it hangs looose and can be spun around
                  To fix this you will need to buy some insertion rubber and glue it inside the spare wheel cover, Its an issue for all NP pajeros with the hard cover and a worn spare.

                  Cheers Muzza
                  2014 NW VRX , Alloy ECB bar, Poly air bags, EGR fixed. EDS scan gauge, lockup mate.
                  2003 NP DID GLS retired and gone to a good home
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                    The spare wheel cover comes complete with some rubber spacers which have a layer of double sided tape applied. Mine were sitting in the space at the rear near the rear washer filler and are still there, untouched, as the spare has never been off the back door after 187000ks.

                    HD springs and an expert wheel alignment will fix your wear problem and improve ride, handling, ground clearance etc to boot.


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