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Just installed Lovells 2 Inch lift, comparison pics

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  • Just installed Lovells 2 Inch lift, comparison pics

    Just got an NM a couple of months ago, been loving it. I had a V8 hilux before, but Vicroads didnt really like it and i couldnt be bothered with the hassle of it all. I wanted to get a landcruiser or patrol, but couldnt afford a good one, but now im a Paj fan boy and prefer them to Toyotas/Nissans.

    Just chucked in some Lovells springs and lovells shocks, after browsing the forum a lot i thought the fronts were going to be pretty hard, but it all went together fine. The Lovells struts came with a 10mm spacer that I decided against putting in, in retrospect i prob should have wacked it in as it still looks a bit lower at the front (i think its just the way the cars designed).

    I got 65mm lift at the front and 60mm at the rear.

    and just for laughs heres a pic of my old hilux

    NM- 33.1's, 2" Lift, Tranny, diff and TC breathers, underbody protection

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    yes very good job. you will notice it wont bottom out as much as it did before and handling will be improved also. Well done. Now you just need the 4 wheel alignment done to get the steering and camber right on all 4 corners
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      Wait a couple of weeks before getting an alignment so the springs can settle a bit. I took mine to the local JAX store and they did mine the day I lifted mine and told me to come back in in a couple of weeks and they checked it again for free. You will realy notice the difference both on and off road. Looks good M8.
      NT 2010 GLX Police Pack, Auto 3.2 Diesel, Smartbar, Warn XD9000 Winch and Rear Diff Lock. Cooper AT3s on Factoty Alloys, 45mm lift TJM XGS GOLD front & rear, S/D with Poly air bags Rear and HD Front , Bushskinz I/C guard, TJM T/F Case And G/Box guards, Duel Battery setup with Redarc Isolator and Redarc electric brake controller.


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        looks good mate, good to see you are 1 of the converted
        2005 NP Platinum Pajero, 3.8L petrol, 5sp auto - Electronic Rust Protection


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          Good choice there mate!

          You will find the rear will settle a bit more than the front (especially after soem loads or towing) so that brings the 'look' more level.
          Gone: 2004 21st Anniversary NP DiD Auto with 215ks, EcoShot diesel gas, bullbar, drive lights, snorkel, UHF, 2nd battery + Redarc isolator & wired for fridge + trailer Anderson plug, Mits 2.5 ton towbar, Lovell 50mm HD springs + shocks + Polyairbags, torque converter lock-up.

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            Mate while its all new and you're enthusiastic, any chance you cold take a pic of the newly installed front spring, as close as possible to fit the whole thing in?

            I wanna compare to mine...and i have no options to view one


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              Yeah no worries, ill try and get a pic this weekend for you, What exactly did you want a pic of? The front strut assembly from the side above the wheel?

              In regards to the wheel allignment, unfortunately i just got it done pretty much straight after, they said the back wasnt out by much at all which surprised me, as you could actually visibly tell it was out. Im going up to anglesea to do some offroading tomorrow, will get an allignment done elsewhere in a couple of weeks as advised,


              Actually i got this pic here, let us know if u want a more specific shot

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              NM- 33.1's, 2" Lift, Tranny, diff and TC breathers, underbody protection


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                That looks great! Can't wait til I can give mine a lift. I want a steel bar too, so prob should get that on first, so that the front alignment can be done with the correct weight setup.
                'Shrek' 2002 NM GLS 2.8TD manual. ARB bar. HD King springs & Bilsteins. Bridgestone D674LT. Milford Cargo Barrier. Bushskinz intercooler & sump guards. Exedy solid flywheel. 25mm core radiator. 2.5" exhaust. Airtec snorkel. Engel MT45, Projecta 150A isolator, 120A AGM battery in 3rd row. ARB bar, Fyrlyts & 30" LED lightbar Pics + 2015 Isuzu MU-X with all the fruit.


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                  Sorry for dragging up an old thread, did you go with HD or SD springs, and how are you finding the ride and height now after some km on them - has it settled much?


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                    Originally posted by karllovesmercedes View Post
                    Sorry for dragging up an old thread, did you go with HD or SD springs, and how are you finding the ride and height now after some km on them - has it settled much?
                    e32lover has not been on here since 16 Feb ( my birthday, if your watching Goodsy ), so you may not get your answer karllovesmercedes.
                    02 NM 3.2, Auto, Exceed, I/C and sump guards, L&B 2" lift, 265/75/16 OPAT2.


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                      Well now that we have resurrected the post....

                      Any ideas what tire size he is running.
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                        Raised Lovell springs and KYB Skorched shocks

                        Is anyone using this combination lift kit?
                        And if so how is it working for you


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                          I had 2" Lovells HD and KYB shocks for 4.5 years. After 3yrs one shock started leaking and was replaced under warranty. The rear springs started sagging after 4 years (fully loaded with fridge, gear, drawers, aux fuel tank and towing camper with 190kg ball weight) and all springs were replaced under warranty for Extra HD springs. Ride was firm but I liked it. Did many dirt roads and a bit of offroading and it handled it very well.
                          SOLD 2004 NP 3.2 auto
                          NOW 2014 Ranger XLT auto


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