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    Hi everyone,

    I'm a new member and I joined because we are thinking of upgrading our CRV for a Pajero.

    We want to spend around $20k so I guess we will be looking at a 2001/02 model.

    Is there anything we should look out for when inspecting any we find?

    Is it worth getting diesal rather than petrol?

    How many k's are they good for?

    Sorry to bombard all these questions on my first visit.

    Thanks very much in anticipation of your help.


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    Hi , Its a big question to answer, so it best to look at the issues not the good points of each model, as there is huge differences between a GLX and an EXCEED, Now to some problems
    1 Front wheels bearing fail around 100K if the vehicle has had a few river crossings
    2 Exhaust manifolds crack on the petrol
    3 For that money $20K I doubt if you would buy a 3.2 diesel so you would be looking at either 3.5 petrol or 2.8 diesel
    4 Radiators tend to block if incorrect coolant has been used.
    5 The auto ( 5 speed) is great , however very touchy to oil types and changes.
    6 The 2.8 tends to burn out glow plugs, can be very smoky if injectors and pump timing hasn't been changed/checked.

    Anyway I'm sure others will add to the list, however as I said this only some bad points to consider.
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