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Alice springs to Kununurra

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  • Alice springs to Kununurra

    Hi all,
    Will be travelling out of Canberra in 5 weeks, west to SA then upwards via the Rock to Kununurra and on to Wyndham for some work (partner is a nurse and I'm an auto electrician).
    NM Pajero on LPG mostly. And a standard camper trailer, not an off roady.
    Any advice on LPG outlets (whereabouts, prices, what to stay away from) and the Buchanan Hwy amongst other advice would be appreciated.

    Cheers, John
    Cheers, John
    Auto Electrician 35+ years
    NM but with tricky electrical setups of course.
    And that's the wank wank wank and more wank factor out of the way.

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    The lpg outlets vary from time to time, it's best to check on the lpg association's website (and/or the major fuel companies), they have a list of where to find them. My experience on the Stuart H'way is that you can't necessarily depend on all the marked fuel stops actually having any - and that goes for petrol as well as lpg. Because of that, I always make sure that I have enough fuel onboard to get to the second-next fuel stop just in case the next one has run out. I almost got caught a few years ago - was running on the proverbial smell of an oil rag because I had relied on the "next" fuel stop, it had run dry. That was between Three Ways and Katherine I can't remember exactly which place.

    2010 MY 2011 VR-X V6. Stock standard.

    Previously 02 NM auto V6 Exceed silver. Extra transmission cooler & transmission temp gauge, activated rear lights, Impco sequential LPG system, Redback (Wildcat) Headers, heavy duty radiator. Lovells shocks F & R, Polyair bags in rear.

    My original Pajero experience - '90 NG Superwagon, 3.0 V6 manual bought new and kept until 1998. Great vehicle, no problems apart from the noisy valve lifters typical of that engine.


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      Hi John,
      we just got back from Kununurra via Buchanan Highway and Stuart Highway to Adelaide. I run LPG and only found a couple of places where the pump was out of service. Never had a problem getting ULP and always had/have enough of either fuel to get me to the next 2 stops.
      Pricing LPG/ULP:
      Coober Pedy 107.9/173.9
      Eudunda 125.7/-
      Alice Springs 108.9/-
      Tennant Creek 127.9/169.9 (cheapest ULP in the middle of town)
      Dunmara -/Premium 193.x (my choice at only 4 cpl more than ULP)
      Timber Creek /182.5 (15cpl cheaper in the store vs the petrol station!)
      Kununurra 123.9/177.9
      (then Warman, Halls Creek etc.)

      Buchanan Hway is dirt and fairly good going until the Gregory NP turn-off. Then it gets a bit bumpy, bull-dust holes etc. But quite scenic (and nicer than the Tanami rd.)

      BTW, its grassy and more pleasant in the caravan park behind the store at Timber Creek. Then walk next door to the roadhouse Caravan Park at 5pm to see the freshie crocs being fed. The store closes at 5pm though.

      I wish I was going back up there. Its perfect weather there now.
      Watch out for the road trains with 2 x dog trailers and then the B-double.

      Cheers, David.
      Cheers - David
      NS Exceed 2006 Auto, Petrol+LPG, UHF, rear polybags,M/T STZ's, My roof-rack, My cargo-storage, Thumper, ++ Avan Tayla;
      Replaced NH GLX Auto, Petrol of 15 years.
      My convoy name was beervan, but when it had all gone my callsign changed.... and has stayed that ever since.


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        At Timber Creek head west and just out of town on the left hand side is a sign to a look out...sneak up there and camp you will have one of the best sites in the region.

        Buchanen is very nice drive, not sure why but i loved the crossing for the Victoria river there is a brilliant free campsite, croc free (although you might want to check this for yourself ).


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          If you are worried about getting gas you could run on petrol and use gas if running short of petrol
          05 NP Platinum 3.2 DID Mods yet to come
          Other ride 07 BF Ghia


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