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Traction Control?

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  • Traction Control?

    Hi All
    Just wondering if this has happened to anyone. In RWD I span my rear wheels trying to get across a busy intersection (in loose gravel), the 2 green LED,s started blinking and I lost all forward drive with my accelerator pedal half way to the floor the car wouldnt go, it seemed like ages but it must have been 3 or 4 seconds easily.
    It was a bit unnerving as I thought I was going to get cleaned up for sure,
    Anyone got any ideas on what caused this

    Thanks Glenn
    NP Exceed 2005 3.2 diesel automatic , 100% stock standard except for the headlight globes

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    Glad you asked this question as exactly the same thing happened to me about 2 days ago, although I could not say that the green lights were flashing, with a car bearing down on us rapidly I took foot off accelerator and replanted it and off we went. Hope someone else can tell you what is happening .


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      Sounds to me like a classic intervention of traction control - detects wheel spin & cuts power to the engine until you lift off the throttle.
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      Scorpro Explorer Box


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        I also discovered (early in my ownership, luckily) that the system will not allow you to hold the car with the brake pedal and rev the engine - ready for a power take-off into traffic. It kills the fuel supply until you lift your foot.

        I have an auto NP Diesel.


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          It causes some grief for professional drivers too by the looks of this article

          NP Exceed 2005 3.2 diesel automatic , 100% stock standard except for the headlight globes


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