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Recomended roof racks for NP

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  • Recomended roof racks for NP

    Hello All,
    Just to keep the questions flowing, what roof racks have people gone with for the NP's, currently looks like heavy duty Rhino (riveted rails on roof, then bars) is about all there is to get a measly 100kg rating. Has anyone used the standard NP roof rack mounts? I used to carry quite a bit of gear up on the ARB full lengh steel rack for the NL, but will have to change my ways now, just tent, chain saw, chairs and a few minor essentials I suspect (wont need the fuel now with the diesel!)
    2003 NP DID GLS Auto, 50mm Iron Man Suspension, ARB BBar, Chinese winch, custom fridge/equipment rack, Rhino RoofBars and alum TGM roof rack, UHF CB, Bridgstone D697 265/70-16, Safari Snorkel, Polyair

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    Rhinos with the rails on our outgoing NM. Was very happy though as you mention a little limited in capacity. We used them fully loaded (overloaded?) in our SImpson crossing last year - nary a problem.

    I have only heard of one instance of the factory roof rack hooks pulling out. Not sure how big a problem it realy was.

    2016 Mitsubishi NX Pajero GLX
    2011 Landrover Freelander II SD4


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      I have the HD Rhino with the rivited tracks. Happy overall except the installation. If you are capable try it yourself otherwise keep a close eye on whoever you get to install them. The crowd that did mine didn't remove the swarf after drilling the holes, didn't seat the rivets in fully and had to re-rivet some sections, did not trim the gutter gaurd neatly which sits at the front of the tracks, forgot to install the endcaps on the tracks, forgot to give me the alan key and instructin manual after installation (Rhino stress on the install manual that the customer must be given the manual) so I could not remove the bars until I returned to the store. I had intended to watch them the whole time while I waited but the salesman gave me some story about the installers did not like being watched and health and safety did not allow me in the workshop......
      I could keep going but I think you understand my frustration.

      I would recomend downloading the install manual from the Rhino web site to see what needs to be done...I wish I had have done this before I had them fitted as I would have chosen to do it myself. I still have a copy of the manual if you can't get it off the web...


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        I have the standard 'heavy duty' racking.
        Ripped one mounting hook off last year (warranty repair)
        Another hook is loose.

        Going to replace it with a trailer.
        2018 QE Pajero Sport Exceed.

        4WD History: 2011 MN Triton GLX-R. 2004 NP GLS DiD. 2002 Freelander Td4. 1996 Subaru DL. Learnt in a 1980 Ford F100.


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          I recall seeing reports on the old forum that NP/NM Pajero crack pillars at weld at base of windscreen due to weight on roof. Dont be tempted to overload the roof especially on rough terrain.


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            There was one case of some cracks at the bottom of the windscreen pillar but I don't recall it being related to a load on the roof. Infact the roof bars probably don't put much load on the front pillars. The main problem seems to be the clips ripping off there has been several reports of this. I'm still using the clips withthe rhino heavy duty and a basket with no problems, but I've never really done any rough stuff with it loaded up. Normal highway driving with 100kg shouldn't be a problem but if the load is bouncing up and down on a rough road you will have problems


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              Ive had the Rhino 3 bar Commersial Racks that fix to the hooks in the roof for 5 years now without problems. Carried plenty of weight on occassions, but would be wary of loading up a full 100kgs on a rough corregated track type trip. 100kgs has been fine for onroad touring, 4X4ing in the High Country and Flinders etc, but extreme corregations have a habit of finding the limitations of anything. Rhino even say in there fitting instructions to use 60kgs or so as maximum in rough conditions. Just back from a loop through the South Aust. outback with 60kgs up top and no worries despite the rough road conditions. I checked the nuts on the rack daily for piece of mind, but all was tight.
              NM GL Diesel (Tourer)
              NS Pajero (Tar Baby)


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                I used the standard two bar rack and basket across the Simpson last year. I loaded up the lighter stuff (sleeping bags, swags, chairs, etc) and put the heavier stuff in the wagon, including spare fuel and the extra tyre. I found that the corrugations after the Simpson tended to work the racks loose but after a while I managed to get them so they became firmer.


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