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What do you think? Big trip in NM Pajero?

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  • What do you think? Big trip in NM Pajero?

    This is the first 4WD we've had and we'd like to do a trip around Australia in 2010, probably towing a camper trailer.

    The NM Pajero is 2002, petrol-LPG dual fuel. 125,000km now. Probably up to 185,000km pre big trip. No mods. "Country kms" in case this makes a difference.

    We've had problems with backfiring on the LPG and are trying to get this fixed now. Can go all petrol, if required.

    Will it be likely to be up to the job? Better off getting something newer, in diesel? How much would we be likely to need to spend to get this car up to scratch mechanically for the big trip to try to avoid lots of breakdowns?

    Neither of us are good mechanics, as in .

    Any thoughts, ideas much appreciated ...Thanks...
    2009 Mitsubishi Pajero NT GL, Diesel, Auto, Rear diff lock, side airbags, 3000kg towpack, Milford cargo barrier, Rhino roof rails+ bars, Teshonka Prodigy brake controller

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    Neither age nor kilometres would put me off doing the trip you propose.

    Based on the numbers you've quoted, you may hit 200,000km while you're away. I presume timing belt is due then, and I'd do water pump too (unless it's already been replaced.) As such, I'd do timing belt, water pump & rocker cover gaskets (potential source of oil leaks). While it's that far apart, install new spark plugs, hoses (radiator & heater) and belts. Do all this AT LEAST 1 month before departure, and another simple once-over for leaks/loose bits a week or two from D-day.

    The only other thing which comes to mind (other than normal routine service stuff) is brake pads & fluid flush.
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      It'll have no problems regards the number of K's.

      I'd seriusly consider changing the gas setup to an injected system.
      A suspension lift would be a must. Good set og King springs and bilstien shocks.
      I'd get new front wheel bearings fitted too. The NM bearings come complete as a hub unit for about $450 a side and are not readily available out of the major cities.
      Also, get youself a set of drawers for the rear, along with a cargo barrier. Makes packing and organising your gear so much easier.
      Cheers, John.
      LC200 V8 goodness

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        Timing belt should of already been done at 120k,new plugs and definitely get the rocker cover gskts/o-ring seals/rear cam seals done as these are suspect at your k's and cause all sorts of mis-firing etc especially under load due to leaking oil into the plug tubes.
        Have the front hubs/bearings checked-I had one perfect & one loose enough for hand movement!.
        Water pump should of been done with t-belt service, mine wasn't, it's on 217k now and no leaks but I check regularly for drips etc.Just another worry if it isn't done.
        Get the rear diff oil changed and maybe have the trans serviced too using MM Diaqueen fluid only.
        I decided to add 1 ltr of Lucas oil stabiliser last eng oil change and found it to be a very worthwhile exercise-runs quieter,cooler,smoother etc.I have had a tic tic tic on cold starts and tried everything, nothing made any difference but the Lucas oil stabiliser has done the trick much to my surprise.
        Good luck on the trip and remember if you hit any big long hills while towing then use the super select to kick back a gear or two and maintain some engine revs-your engine will thank you.


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          this is a 5 year old post! Wonder how the trip went 2 years ago!

          For the record, I am proposing a lap of the country in an 89 V6 towing a small camper...a 2002 would do it without breaking a sweat!
          1989 NG Superwagon V6
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            Just a thought, LPG is ready available and relatively cheap in big population areas, but very expensive if only one service centre selling in a country town (e.g. $0.69 ltr near Brisbane - $1.35 ltr in Cooktown - June 2012) and thats if you can get it. Also keep in mind that any fuel in remote country areas can be much more expensive than in the city (up to double city price- unleaded $2.35 ltr Jardine river - June 2012). So for range in the country think about running on petrol and keep gas as a reserve if needed.
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              I realise this is an old thread, but I totally support Hypec's comment. We did an outback Qld trip last year and we knew in advance where we could and couldn't get LPG.

              Do some research. Fill up your LPG at the last opportunity you are likely to get (Longreach, if your heading west) then leave it there, don't use it. Use petrol only until you get to the low fuel warning. If you pass a fuel station, fill up regardless of how much range you figure you've still got left. That way you've got a healthy fuel reserve at all times. Could make the difference between getting stranded or not.

              As a guide, our NM 3.5/lpg with loaded racks and 12' camper in tow returned about 240km from 68 litres of LPG, but as low as only 360km from 90litres of petrol.

              In general, Qld is the hardest place in the country to source LPG, so a little more planning may be necessary.
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                Originally posted by awbeattie381 View Post
                this is a 5 year old post! Wonder how the trip went 2 years ago!
                Considering ozwrangler's last post was in September 2010, I'm not sure we will ever know how the trip went!
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                  Maybe he is still out there somewhere
                  1989 NG Superwagon V6
                  2017 Subaru Forester Diesel
                  1974 Viscount Valiant Caravan


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                    I know this isnt an lpg thread but ....
                    I do hold the LPG as reserve when away from available sources - e.g. Simpson crossing. I find LPG consumption is poor when under load, so am trying to only use it on flat terrain, switching to petrol on any hills.
                    Anyone else got any thoughts on the lack of towing/uphill value of LPG?

                    You probably scared ozwrangler away with too much information.
                    Cheers - David
                    NS Exceed 2006 Auto, Petrol+LPG, UHF, rear polybags,M/T STZ's, My roof-rack, My cargo-storage, Thumper, ++ Avan Tayla;
                    Replaced NH GLX Auto, Petrol of 15 years.
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